• France, the United States and women in the audiovisual industry will be very important in the Conecta FICTION Reboot programme
  • From Navarra, the industry reboot will play a major role in the opening session
  • During the opening session, live from Spain, the finalist projects of the Conecta FICTION 4 pitching sessions will be announced: Pitch Copro Series, Pitch Short-Form, Pitch Fundación SGAE and Pitch Clips

Los Japón (Ciudadela Pamplona)

Conecta FICTION Reboot reveals the first preview of the its programme of conferences and panels. This programme will be exclusively available to professionals and press, and it will be held online between June 15 to 18, 2020. Conecta FICTION Reboot will also have an on-site edition on September 2 to 3, 2020, and its main venue will be the Baluarte Congress Center, Pamplona-Iruña, Navarra (Spain).

Announcing the finalist projects of the Conecta FICTION 4 pitching sessions. – On Monday June 15, the fourth edition of the Conecta FICTION will begin. During the opening ceremony, and welcoming session for the online event, the finalist projects of the Conecta FICTION 2020 three calls for projects will be announced, alongside with the selected projects of the Pitch Fundación SGAE.

The finalist projects of the two international calls for projects for fiction series in Conecta FICTION, Pitch Copro Series and Pitch Short-Form Series, will be presented on-site on September 2 to 3, 2020, in the Baluarte Congress Center in Pamplona-Iruña, Navarra (Spain). The finalist projects of Pitch Clips, a call for projects organized with the Spanish Scriptwriter’s Guild ALMA, will be streamed in different screens within the main on-site venue. Moreover, in September, the pitching session of the Pitch Fundación SGAE will also take place. In this session, projects in development from the Laboratory of Creation of TV Series of the Fundación SGAE will have the opportunity to be presented in front of an international and professional audience to raise interest and seek funding.

The organization of the event has formally validated a total amount of 155 projects as eligible to participate in the Conecta FICTION 2020 international sessions of Pitch Copro Series and Pitch Short-Form Series. Among all the projects, the editorial committees have selected 10 finalist projects for the Pitch Copro Series session and 5 finalist projects for the Pitch Short-Form Series session. Regarding this year projects’ tendencies, drama series have been more common than comedy ones; there are fewer and shorter episodes per series; and the budgets are tighter.


From Pamplona (Navarra) and after the presentation of the finalist projects, the programme of conferences will begin with this panel. It will address the international take-off of the first shootings, analyze the conditions under which these shootings will be managed, and the types of productions that will be carried out regarding format, budgets and complexity. In this panel, there will be a revision of the new state aids in Spain after the COVID-19 and the options available for private funding. It will be an analysis of the shooting and recording opportunities in Spain, which will connect live with Paris (France) and New York (USA).

This panel will be moderated by Javier Lacunza, Manager Director of NICDO (Navarre Infrastructure of Culture, Sports and Leisure). It will include the participation of speakers such as: José Ignacio Pérez de Albéniz, Partner and Managing Director of the Tax Law Firm ARPA, Sara Sevilla, Coordinator of the Navarra Film Commission, Pedro Barbadillo, Director of the Mallorca Film Commission, Natacha Mora, Coordinator of the Canary Islands Film, Pere Clavería, Manager of the Terrassa Film Office, Denis Pedregosa, Co-founder and Producer of Babieka Films, and Stephan Bender, General Delegate and CEO of Film France (France).

Javier Lacunza, Manager Director of NICDO (Navarre Infrastructure of Culture, Sports and Leisure): “From the department of Culture and Economic Development in Navarra, the Government appreciates how Creative and Digital Industries, particularly the audiovisual industry, are working during this period of crisis, uncertainty, and difficult times, like many other industries. We understand that supporting this emerging industry in Navarra today is more necessary than ever. Moreover, the transformation of Conecta FICTION 4 into this new hybrid version of the event is a very creative and well-thought solution that will benefit not only the audiovisual industry, but also all the areas it directly influences. Conecta FICTION Reboot will be an opportunity to imitate the excellent services offered in Baluarte in a digital environment and to put Navarra again on the calendar of the main film and television events both nationally and internationally.”

Thomas Anargyros – Maria Cervera – Javier Lacunza

REBOOTING THE CO-PRODUCTIONS: THE DELICATE ART OF DATING. Having good chemistry on a date does not depend on data or information since this process is much more complex than an algorithm. A successful meeting is a great opportunity to find the ideal partner, adding value to creative projects. This panel addresses co-productions as a way of packaging and creating stories, and as a new creative process to take advantage of each partner’s strengths.

France will be the main guest of this panel, which will be moderated by Géraldine Gonard, Director of Conecta FICTION. This panel will also involve the participation of Thomas Anargyros, President of the French Producers’ Guild USPA and Producer of Storia Television (France), Alice Delalande, Head of Fiction and Animation of CNC (National Center of Images and Animated Images of France) (France), Nathalie Biancolli, Head of the International Fiction Department and Acquisitions/Co-productions Department of France Télévisions (France), and Nicolas Deprost, Producer and CEO of Wild Horses (France). They will share an online space with César Benítez, Executive Producer and CEO of Plano a Plano (Spain) and Diego Ramírez Schrempp, Founding Partner and Executive Producer of Dynamo (Colombia).

REBOOTING THE INDUSTRY: JUMP THE NEXT CURVE OF SHOOTING. This panel aims to encourage writers to challenge the status quo, to ensure that their voices are heard and to achieve more diversity of stories. New generations and young writers are forcing their way in with new stories, new concepts and new formats. Some of the topics discussed in this session will be how to improve and help the development of new talents, how to promote an upward generation and how to find new talents outside the traditional markets.

This panel will be moderated by María Cervera, former Netflix Content Executive, Spanish Original Series. She has been in charge of series such as “Elite”, “Cable Girls”, “Valeria” and, in Mexico, the last season of “Club de Cuervos”. The panel will include the participation of Anxo Rodríguez, CEO of the Talent Incubator ESPotlight (Spain), Alberto Macías, President of the Spanish Scriptwriter’s Guild ALMA and Natxo López, Scriptwriter (Spain).

Conecta WO(MEN): DIVERSITY IN CONECTA FICTION.  Conecta FICTION supports gender equality and will offer contents to create space for women in the audiovisual industry under the Conecta WO(MEN) brand. In collaboration with WAWA, an organization formed by female executives with key positions in the television industry in America, there will be a panel named “TIPS FROM TOP TV EXCECUTIVE WOMEN”. It will be moderated by Carmen Larios, Senior Vice President Content of A+E Networks (Latin America), and with the participation of female executives from both continents such as Ana Paola Suárez, Partner and Producer of Jaque Content (Argentina) and Patricia Arpea, International Business Manager of Publispei (Italy).


Conecta SPOTLIGHT: SERIES ON THE MOVE “THE MALLORCA FILES”. Pedro Barbadillo, Director of the Mallorca Film Commission, will moderate a Case Study about the British-German co-production series “THE MALLORCA FILES”. This case study will involve the participation of Ben Donald, Executive Producer and Founder of Cosmopolitan Pictures (UK) and Mike Day, CEO of Palma Pictures (Spain). This crime series is entirely shooted in Mallorca and addresses the relationship of an ambitious British detective and her careless German partner. Although they meet by accident, they both learn to work together. The series is now in post-production of its second season and it has already been sold in 60 countries. Moreover, it has been broadcasted in the United Kingdom, through the BBC, as well as in Germany, through ZDF. This is a clear example of success and viability of international co-productions.

The Conecta FICTION Reboot Accreditation period for both event formats (online and/or on-site) is already open from May 15, 2020. The registration is only available through the Conecta FICTION website.

The fourth edition of Conecta FICTION has the support of the government of Navarra through NICDO (Navarre Infrastructure of Culture, Sport and Leisure) and SODENA (Society for the Development of Navarre) and the SGAE Foundation, and is receiving cooperation from CLAVNA (The Audiovisual Cluster of Navarre) and NAPAR (Navarre Association of Producers and Audiovisual Professionals). Inside Content is responsible for the design and production of the event. More information in:

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