Adrenalina Sports Network and Lux Fight League announce LUX009 event


  • July 17, 6:00 p.m., Live broadcast, by Adrenalina Sports Network
  • Stellar fight: Marco Beltrán vs. David Mendoza at 135-lbs. for the organization’s bantam belt

Adrenalina Sports Network, the channel full of adrenaline, discipline, passion and the best matches in contact sports, and LUX Fight League, the most exclusive and impactful MMA league in Latin America, announce the return of live sports to the Octagon.

Joe Mendoza, President of the League.

On July 17, starting at 6:00 p.m., the Adrenalina Sports Network will broadcast the function of Lux009 to all of Mexico and Latin America.

Mexico’s live sports industry, largely closed since March, will return to action on July 17 with an adrenaline rush and mixed martial arts at an MMA performance, from Monterrey NL.

Lux Fight League will present in its stellar fight the organization’s bantamweight belt dispute (135-lbs.), between former UFC Marco Beltrán and challenger David Mendoza.

The venue where the event will take place and the audience capacity for this function, will be defined in the coming days by the Lux Fight League and the corresponding health authorities.

“The only sport worldwide that practically didn’t stop was MMA, there is no way in which fighters can keep their distance, for obvious reasons; however, it is a sport that is easier to carry behind closed doors, since mixed martial arts, as a TV product, carry a great advantage and can be very showy for television,” commented Joe Mendoza, President of the League.

Mendoza also added, “If we have to make Lux009 behind closed doors or with 30% of the capacity, we will do so. The important thing for us is to bring entertainment to the public that is at home and we will do it with the Lux009 function through the Adrenalina Sports Networks signal.”

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