“MARIPOSA DE BARRIO” Great premiere August 11. Telemundo Internacional

Premieres / Biographical series

  • This drama follows the unattainable rise of Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera from pregnant teenager and battered wife to band superstar.
  • Starring Angélica Celaya,  Gabriel Porras,  Rosalinda Rodríguez,  and Samadhi Zendejas, with the antagonistic participation of Tony Garza ( High School Musical).

Angélica Celaya

Inspired by the book “Inquebrantable: Mi Historia, A Mi Manera”, written by Jenni Rivera before her death in 2012, Telemundo Internacional brings to her screen, in honor of 8 years of her departure, the biographical series based on real events of the life of this great legend: “Mariposa de Barrio”, from August 11 combining images of Jenni Rivera herself, and her voice.

Starring Angélica Celaya (The Lord of the Skies), Gabriel Porras (Without breasts there is no paradise, The Queen of the South), Rosalinda Rodríguez (Queen of hearts) and Samadhi Zendejas (Intimate Enemy), with the antagonistic participation of Tony Garza ( High School Musical), Jenni Rivera’s real life story will cover all aspects of her intimate life, from her childhood, her romantic relationships and her admirable musical career.

Jenni Rivera has been a singer, songwriter, designer, and businesswoman who went on to sell more than 25 million records in the United States and Mexico while she was alive, and 10 million more records after her death. It has been established as a female leader within the Regional Mexican genre, this industry being largely dominated by men.

Angélica Celaya

She began making music in the 1990s, and since then her fame has grown to become “the most important and best-selling female figure in the regional Mexican music genre,” according to CNN. After his death in 2012 due to a plane crash, his family authorized the publication of the book that later gives life to this series.

Telemundo Internacional seeks to publicize more about Jenni’s life and her great talent that to this day continues to inspire thousands of fans around the world.


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