• What do global buyers want? Series, dramas and digital content are leading the global buyers’ demand, according to a survey from Prensario for acquisition and programming executives that will participate of Virtual Screenings Autumn 2020 on September 15-24.

More than 100 international programming buyers that will be part of the second edition of Virtual Screenings Autumn, on September 15-24, have participated on an exclusive survey from Prensario and confirmed the global trends.

The survey has shed light over what type of rights, formats and genres they will be looking at VS Market the next month: 13-episode series is the top format, drama the main genre and the acquisition of digital rights are on the top of the list, including SVOD, AVOD, TVOD and other formats. Participants came mostly from Europe (35%) and Latin America (25%), but also from APAC (20%), USA/Canada (15%) and worldwide platforms (5%). Buyers included more than one answer on the four different questions delivered.

By “Type of Company”, Free TV was the top option with 55%, followed by SVOD with 45% and Pay TV with 43% of the answers. AVOD (28%), TVOD (21%) and Telcos/ISPs/Mobile (15%) completed the chart, while 7% of the answers have come from producers. If the four digital-based business models are considered as “digital rights” the segment took the lead but linear television in two formats, remains relevant.

Moreover, following the individual answers it can be asserted a big synergy between platforms: the majority of the linear TV buyers are also acquiring rights for their digital platforms on web, apps and other type of ad-supported services.

When asking about “Type of Content”, 13-episodes series is by far the #1 format with 85% of the answers, followed by miniseries with 58% and Movies with 52%. As Linear TV, the classic telenovela of +60 episodes format continues to be significant with 45% of the answers. Short format is not so demanded, as believed: it only received 18% of the answers.

By “Genres”, drama is the top answer with 84%, followed by thriller with 64%, Suspense/Action with 60% and Comedy with 52%. Entertainment (52%) and Documentaries and factual (51%) have a similar number of answers as in Virtual Screenings May survey, while kids & teens grew, getting 47%, followed by educational (7%), paranormal and family (4%).

Virtual Screenings gets stronger

Four weeks ahead of the market, Virtual Screenings Autumn confirmed 30 top global distributors at the market floor, including the major Hollywood studios, large independent producers from the U.S. and Europe, as well as top market players from Latin America, Turkey and Asia. Organizer Prensario International is producing a full new design of the platform with five different sections.

VS Market will host the exhibitor companies that will be divided in three different levels: Platinum, Gold and Bronze, depending on the number of shows they are offering to global buyers. Debuting in September, two innovative sections: VS Billboard, which is a dynamic video library that highlights reels & trailers of the top exhibitors at the market, day by day; VS Figures replaces Virtual Forum, one of the most commented sections the last May edition, showcasing four program rankings: “Most Watched of the Platform”, “Most Watch by Type of Content”, “Most Watched by Genre” and “Most Watch by Origin”.

Last but not least, VS Next that includes a selection of 15 strategic panels, keynotes and executives testimonies about different topics produced and organized by top consultants such as K7 Media, Parrot Analytics and OMDIA, as well as other key partners as, MRM (CIS/Central Asia), FormatBiz (Italy), Audiovisual 451 (Spain), (South America) and ATF (APAC); and VS News, where Virtual Screenings will promote its digital magazine and Daily Report, as well as the most important product news of the industry. All will be available in English for global community reach.

Virtual Screenings has brought a “new space” to commercialize content, get updated information on the market and real-time feedback on the programming offering. Relevant data about the industry with statistics, trend references, global business new partners, subscriber evolution, media usage, technology and telecommunications, among other fields, will be publish daily on its different sections.

Participants interested in accessing to the 2020 Virtual Screenings content showcase must register at to get their free login and password. Close to 200 buyers have already registered to the event.


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