Interview with Cristian Palazzi. Director of business development and social impact at PlayGround


PlayGround, a global digital media company creates master’s degree in Social Innovation along with Learning by Helping

Cristian Palazzi

Cristian Palazzi

In an interview for TVMAS, Cristian Palazzi, who is one of the promoters of the project, explained what this Master of Social Innovation consists of to revolutionize society and reinvent learning, which began this November 25th.

“With the pandemic, many people have had to abandon their studies, so at PlayGround we wanted to respond to this situation and that is why this initiative was born, which aims to achieve social change while being a business model,” explained the executive.

What is the objective?

It is to offer the student the concepts, tools, and processes necessary to be an active part of social change, as well as to create an organized digital community based on common interests that allows generating synergies.

And what or which is the methodology like?

The methodology and the invited teachers turn this Master into a unique experience to approach the reality of social impact in a practical way. The idea is to put at the service of anyone interested in changing the world, a methodology that works and which will help you see your work differently. We can face the big challenges. It is a model that will leave a lot to talk about and make its mark.

What is the duration?

The Master’s degree lasts nine months. Thus, generate impactful and economically viable projects, that can be applied. We want to improve online training in these times.

The specialist added that some of the visiting professors are David Cuartielles, creator of Arduino, a free hardware platform that has revolutionized the use of electronics in multidisciplinary projects, such as creating urban orchards or launching rockets to Mars; Carlos Bayala, director of New and one of The Most Influential Creatives in Latin America; Alexandra Mitjans, director of Ashoka Spain, considered one of the 4 most important NGO’s in the world, among others./For TVMAS Verónica Pérez from Mexico City

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