Mondo TV Iberoamérica sold Heidi Bienvenida


Colombian public broadcast television channel Señal Colombia buys hit pre-teen show. This popular series has already conquered several countries.

Heidi band

Heidi band

Mondo TV Iberoamérica, part of the Italian group Mondo TV, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content, has announced a major sale into the Latin American region for the popular live-action pre-teen comedy-drama Heidi Bienvenida.

The first series of Heidi Bienvenida – called Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa, a series made up of 60 45-minute episodes– is to launch on the free-to-air Colombian public broadcast television channel Radio Television Nacional de Colombia, RTVC, through its channel Señal Colombia.

The official launch date has not yet been announced, but the show is likely to appear from late 2020 or early 2021. Señal Colombia has been awarded a two-year license to show Heidi Bienvenida a Casa, including repeats.

This deal represents another big breakthrough for Heidi Bienvenida, Mondo TV Iberoamerica’s successful live-action series for teens, co-produced with respected Argentinian company Alianzas Producciones, filmed in Argentina and created by the legendary Marcela Citterio – author of international hits such as Yo Soy Franky, Patito Feo and Chica Vampiro.

Heidi Bienvenida reinterprets Johanna Spyri’s classic tale of the girl from the mountains who comes to the big city in a modern setting and adds music, comedy and a wealth of extraordinary characters.

The first season has been successful in many different territories, including Latin America (where it premiered on Nickelodeon Latin America and then appeared on many free-to-air TV channels across the region), Italy (where it enjoyed excellent ratings on Rai Gulp), Spain (on the Disney Channel), Russia, Israel and Mauritius. Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa also appeared on Netflix last year, as part of a multi-territory agreement.

Now the show’s many young fans in Latin America are able to enjoy the second season through Amazon Prime Video, a platform on which Heidi Bienvenida al Show has been available since early November. The second season builds on the popular characters of the first, adding a new and very unconventional family, new friendships and new themes, as well as much more of the music that, alongside the storylines and characters, underpins the appeal of the show – and, of course, even more of Heidi’s extraordinary hats!

Maria Bonaria Fois, General Manager of Mondo TV Iberoamérica, stated: “The continuing success of Heidi Bienvenida underlines the universal popularity of its themes and stories to its fast-growing teen and tween audience and is a tribute to a brilliantly written show with a marvellous cast. We’re delighted to be partnering with Señal Colombia, a highly respected public broadcaster, in bringing this show to even more viewers in Latin America.”

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