Plano a Plano is the production company with the most titles selected at the MIM Awards


The series “Valeria”, “Desaparecidos”, “Servir y Proteger” and “Benidorm”, candidates to win the so-called Iberian Emmy

A total of 27 titles make up the first list of annual awards that will be announced on February 23

The Spanish television production company was born in 2014, created by César Benítez, and has established itself with fiction projects for film and television due to its technical and artistic quality.

Four of its series released in the twelve months that go from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020 have been selected to integrate the different candidacies of the prestigious MIM awards.

“Valeria”, “Disaparecidos”, “Servir y Protecte” and “Benidorm” will compete with 23 other national series to win the MIM award in the categories Drama, Comedy, Miniseries, Daily Fiction, Script, Direction and Male and Female Dramatic Interpretation and comedy, respectively.

Emilio Amarre y Cesar Benítez de Plano a Plano

Emilio Amaré y Cesar Benítez de Plano a Plano

It is paradigmatic,” explains César Benítez, president of Plano a Plano, “that our four selected series have been produced and broadcast for Netflix, TVE, Mediaset de España, Amazon Prime Video and Atresmedia-Atresplayer Premium. This is a true reflection of the reality of our company: our series are varied and cover the needs and target of all the windows that currently operate in Spain”

The specialty is series, telenovelas, webseries and entertainment.

On February 23, the jury’s decision will be known, which must choose a title for each of the ten categories.

“Valeria” is produced for Netflix and premiered its first season.Based on the novels by Elísabet Benavent.

“Servir y Proteger” is a production for RTVE and has been broadcast for five seasons uninterrupted and daily from Monday to Friday on TVE-1.

“Desaparecidos” is a production for Mediaset Spain, its first season premiered last June on Amazon Prime Video.

“Benidorm”, produced for Atresmedia and whose first season has been broadcast on Atresplayer Premium, stars Xabier Zurita.

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