UPFRONT New Globo, new opportunities: Globo’s news for the international market in 2021


Company executives talk about the new concept ‘One Globo’ and its developments in international strategy, in addition to the releases for 2021

This Friday, the 15th, Globo promoted the virtual event ‘Upfront New Globo, New Opportunities’, in which it presented to its industry partners, customers, press, and other stakeholders the concept ‘One Globo’ and its impact on international company offer. In the virtual event, that will be available until January 24, Globo showed its main news in terms of production for 2021 and an overview of the company’s D2C strategy, with Globoplay.

The meeting was attended by the company executives: Paulo Marinho, Executive Director of Networks; Erick Brêtas, Chief Digital Officer; Raphael Corrêa, Head of International Business; Amauri Soares, Head of TV Globo Network; Daniela Mignani, Head of Factual & Lifestyle Channels; Tatiana Costa, Head of Kids & Entertainment & Channels; Fabia Juliasz, Head of Research and Knowledge; and Angela Colla, Head of International Sales.

Paulo Marinho (Foto: João Cotta)

Paulo Marinho (Foto: João Cotta)

According to Paulo Marinho, investment in technology in favor of content has allowed the company to expand new frontiers. “Globo already had almost everything to become the global representative of the typically Brazilian way of seeing, living and portraying reality. But we needed to make some adjustments”.

Marinho emphasized that this project is much more than the union of all Globo Group content companies under a single brand. “We are merging Pay TV, broadcast TV and streaming channels into one culture and in favor of the same strategy and results. Contemporary and true values are very relevant for our audience that today has new demands. Working to serve this new consumer demanded this mindset change, which will make our company increasingly digital and human”.

Raphael Correa (Foto: Globo_Fabio Rocha)

Raphael Correa (Foto: Globo_Fabio Rocha)

Raphael Corrêa, Head of International Business, says that the new directions have a positive impact on the company content offering to the international market. “Despite all the challenges imposed in 2020, our productive capacity continues to impress. Specifically for our international portfolio, we believe that the guidelines of being now ‘One Globo’ brings immediate benefits and keeps us even more aligned with the demands of each of our partners”, he reinforces.

Still on the international market, Angela Colla, Head of International Sales, adds that Globo’s role is to act as a true business partner, with a focus on consumers and results. “We bet on a commercial attitude that aims to enhance the strengths of our customers. For this, we invest in data to understand its schedule and audience profile. And we can offer the perfect match to its demand, which creates value and guarantees a best collection for everyone”. One example of these actions are marketing and promotion consulting workshops held by Globo with its customers. In 2020, more than 10 meetings were held.

Angela Colla (Foto: Globo_Fabio Rocha)

Angela Colla (Foto: Globo_Fabio Rocha)

Aligned with global trends. In Brazil, in March 2020, in the first month of the Covid-19 pandemic, Globo reached the historic milestone of reaching more than 107.5 million people per day. That is, in a single day, the company managed to communicate with 51% of the country’s population. Fabia Juliasz, head of Research and Knowledge, highlights that this was only possible by following the trends of society around the world. “With that, Globo is able to bring to the screen what is being discussed outside of it”. According to Juliasz, Globo bases its work on searching for data on three strategic pillars: in harmony with society – a consolidated practice since 2013, which allows the company to research the population and identify conversations or facts that may evolve into trends -, high quality productions and compelling stories.

The strength of telenovelas.  Amauri Soares, Head of TV Globo Network, emphasized the strength of telenovelas, the basis of the company’s strategy, during the year 2020. “We have four daily telenovela slots on TV Globo. When the pandemic started, we stopped all the studio’s operations, including filming the productions. Because of Covid-19, there were nine months without new telenovelas to be broadcast. Our immediate solution was to substitute the new productions for others from our library. The careful curation of these products was the key to the success of this strategy. We needed to select relevant and appropriate titles for an important moment, with millions of families at home. And the final result was extraordinary”, he emphasizes, referring to the closing results of the year 2020, similar to those obtained in 2019. “In the middle of 2020, the telenovela, a genre that was born on the radio and went through so many transformations, remains modern and strategic, even in a digital scenario of intense competition ”, he analyzes.

Increasingly digital.  Globo took advantage of the moment and addressed the recent movements that strengthened Globoplay – the fastest growing streaming platform in Brazil – and the power of its originals, as well as the portfolio and its alignment with the main behavioral trends in the world. The company recently reached the mark of 101.6 million registered users in all of its D2C (‘Direct to Consumer’) products. According to Erick Brêtas, Chief Digital Officer, the content that bears Globoplay subscription – the ‘Originals’ – are the apple of the eye of the platform, as they embody the new content philosophy of the times of streaming. “They bring a new language and direction capable of exploring unique emotions added to the natural engagement of Globo content. We can say that the ‘Globoplay Originals’ preserve the same quality that consecrated Globo in the world entertainment market, but with some twists: the quality per episode increases; plots are more intricate; the characters are more complex”.

For Brêtas, the result on the screen is surprising. “We maintain the best talents, style and identity with which our gigantic audience has a relationship and connection for decades, but we also pan a young cast and talents from the independent market that surprise audiences who crave novelty and freshness. In short, it is a new style of consumption, which impacts the way of producing fiction, but united with the power of Globo”.

Factual and lifestyle. One of the contents which stand out in the international portfolio are those in the factual and lifestyle category – gastronomy, travel, cooking, among others – produced by three of Globo main pay TV channels. For Daniela Mignani, Head of Factual & Lifestyle Channels, Globo’s premise is to address local issues that are universal with a global approach. However, to achieve this, it is necessary to always maintain the enlarged view. “Globo overcomes the language barrier with the strength of the stories we tell. Our toolkit is the life of real people, which arouses universal interest in these matters”.

Children’s content in the unified portfolio. Also featured are the contents of Gloob – the company’s Pay TV channel focused on content for children aged 4 to 9 years, leader in the audience in Brazil. These programs have already traveled to more than 100 countries and have won several important awards such as Emmy Kids, Content Innovation, Banff Awards and the Prix Jeunesse. However, with the new strategy, they gain even more scope from now on.

According to Tatiana Costa, Head of Kids & Entertainment & Channels, one of the aspects that Globo has in common with its children’s audience is the willingness to learn, invent, do and remake. “We believe in fun, and this is evident when watching one of our children’s programs. The inspiration for Globo children’s content will always favor themes that explore humor, music, adventure, magic and friendship, but also with a view to innovation. This is our goal”, she concludes.

Releases for 2021. Throughout the event, Globo presented some teasers of the main novelties that will be part of the 2021 international catalog, such as ‘A Mother’s Love’, Run for your Lives’’, telenovelas which were a great success in Brazil in 2020, in addition to unprecedented ‘A Brighter Place’. And also the most awaited series of the moment: ‘Hidden Truths 2’, which first season was an International Emmy winner in 2016.

Upfront New Globo, New Opportunities content will be available until January 24 at https://www.newglobo.com/

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