“Me caigo de Risa” a format that has become very Mexican



Report by Verónica Pérez Raigosa. Editing and translation of TVMAS

After seven years it has become a very Mexican format, so other Latin American countries are now adapting it based on this experience. Producer Eduardo Suárez told TVMAS that in its seventh season it is releasing new dynamics and two new hosts, Jerry Velázquez and Ari Albarrán.

“Me caigo de risa” has become one of the most popular programs on Mexican television, thanks to its dynamic games, as well as its hosts, who have been able to make the French origin format very much their own and for seven years it is produced in Mexico by Eduardo Suárez.

Eduardo Suarez

Eduardo Suärez

How has the adaptation process been?

The goal has always been for it to have its very Mexican touch, and to constantly renew the playful dynamics, as is the case in its current season, where more than 15 new games have been created. Every season we strive for news and we base ourselves on our reality. We are the country that makes the most games in two hours and that has produced the most programs. We have managed to make it an original program although it is based on an international format.

“I am glad that the Mexican experience has served so that other countries such as Colombia and Uruguay are been encouraged to do it,” said Suárez, who has produced other programs such as “Otro rollo”, “Los simuladores”, “Y ahora que hago?” , among others.

The seventh season had its premiere this February and consists of 30 programs, of which 11 have been recorded and the recordings continue.

How often is it transmitted?

Four days a week and it has achieved a good response that has also been replicated on social networks where they have more than two million followers, which makes us one of the three most important Televisa networks.

It is a French format, distributed by Endemol and replicated in 25 countries. In Mexico, it has Faisy as the main host, while the direction of the broadcast is led by Mauricio Castillo.

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