Globo presents second season of ‘Anti-Kidnapping Unit’ at LA Virtual Screenings


With intense pace and ceaseless action, the new season of the Original Globoplay police thriller brings even more adrenaline

Silvio Guindane

Silvio Guindane

Globo launches at LA Virtual Sreenings 2021 the second season of ‘Anti-Kidnapping Unit’. The new season of the Globoplay Original series, an electrifying and dynamic police thriller full of action, is one of the company’s highlights at the virtual event, which gathers main players and content distributors from May 11 to 20.

The adrenaline will be even more skin deep in this second season of ‘Anti-Kidnapping Unit’. The series takes place at the end of the decade of the 90’s and portrays the daily life activities of a group of policemen of the Anti-Kidnapping Division of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Serious and incorruptible, police commissioner Mendonça (Silvio Guindane) is famous for being ruthless towards criminals and tireless in his job. Now the police detective Santiago (Erom Cordeiro) used, for an exceptionally long time, his intelligence and clairvoyance only for his own benefit and composed a trio famous for blackmailing criminals.

In this sequence, after the result of the elections for the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Venâncio (Dalton Vigh) gains even more power and new characters will put the story in motion.  One of them is Lavínia (Branca Messina), policewoman member of the Civil Police Review Board which does not spare efforts to discover the truth in her investigations, although her courage and determination may cost her high. All this agitation will turn Santiago and Mendonça into hostages of their own past.

“One of the most important roles of the second season is that of detective Lavínia. She will investigate everything that Mendonça and Santiago did in the past and everything that they do in the present, searching all the time for the methods they used. It will be a thorn in the side” José Junior, creator of “‘Anti-Kidnapping Unit'”, explains.

Actor Silvio Guidane also highlights some novelties of the new season. “The second season brings in addition to the action of characters such as policemen, their in-depth psychological profile. This was a challenge in the construction of characters, their transformation. The facts that slide in the path of Mendonça in the second season cause him to think over everything and to be forced to be reinvented, to be transformed as a human being to be able to continue an effective work within the police force,” he explains.

The Globoplay Original series was created by José Júnior and is an AfroReggae Audiovisual production in partnership with Multishow and the Hungry Man. The production has its third season already confirmed.

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