IPTV, OTT is not a fad. It is a growing trend


“The important thing is to retain subscribers and then go for new customers or subscribers”

“The investment in the client is a value that has no price”

How do you monetize IPTV and OTT? A world market of 82 billion dollars.

Juan Bautista Pino

Juan Bautista Pino

In a recent virtual ANDINALINK webinar, an event held for more than 20 years at the Cartagena Colombia convention center that since the pandemic last March, has become a permanent day-to-day fair to boost the industry. Here at this event and in a webinar Juan Bautista Pino, director of sales and marketing for Latin America at Alpha US Technology Inc., offered a clear overview of the investment and potential of IPTV, OTT its monetization and market strategies. Here is his presentation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFo4YLHtqk4

“The current size of the world market for IPTV, OTT is 82 billion dollars, and it is estimated that in 2027 it will be 270 billion dollars. In Latin America it is estimated that we have an eighth (1/8) of that size representing 10 billion dollars with a vertiginous increase since September 2020. Last year the increase in viewing time in IPTV and OTT devices has been 240%, in other words, the growth of our region is one of the largest in the world,” said the expert.

Juan Bautista Pino asked himself the question: What are the difficulties in implementing this technology? The pandemic accelerated demand on several levels, explaining that “We had to make some adaptations for our clients in the education sector implementing instructional design, the same is happening with television on IPTV and OTT. This drive for the use of technology at all levels is present in our market. What is the enormous potential of OTT due to? It is because it is a technology that allows, from a marketing point of view, to reach subscribers directly and deliver what they want and at the time they prefer.”

How is IPTV, OTT monetized? He explains that some religious charities, universities, governments, hotel chains have funds for this activity. “However, in our company the most common thing is to work with subscriptions and advertising. We also offer a mix of subscription with advertising, it is important to have a mix of plans, such as Pay Per View, premieres, special sporting events that are paid by opportunity or by having them available, having control over the content and subscribers.”

He pointed out that what is important is the marketing strategy to maximize the return on investment in IPTV and OTT because knowing the market improves investment in content and its economic return. “The important thing is to build loyalty and then go for new subscribers.”

The current trend is OTT, and the marketing strategy is the new field of competition. “You have to go in now. As the Little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Bautista Pino puts as an example, If one says to adults ‘I saw a beautiful house with roses and geraniums in the windows and doves on the roof’ they cannot imagine it. You have to say ‘I saw a house for 100,000 dollars’ then this changes and gives them a better idea. The time has come to talk about investing. And we are focused on this to boost the business of our clients and of all those who approach us.”

The executive of the company finished his presentation detailing with figures, the return on investment and the return based on the use of content.

* Within this article is the link to see the complete presentation of Juan Bautista Pino.

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