Delia Fiallo, “The goddess of telenovelas” abandoned life on earth

Esmeralda, Cristal, Kassandra, Leonela, Lucecita among others are telenovelas born from her talent and passion for melodrama.

The famous Cuban creator, writer and screenwriter shakes up the telenovela industry with her departure just 6 days away from her 97th birthday on July 4, the date of celebration of the Independence of the United States.

Yesterday, Tuesday morning, she left this life from her home in Coral Gables in Miami, surrounded by the love of her family, the pioneer of telenovelas and who began her career in the nascent Cuban radio with her stories for the successful radio novels.

Graduated in philosophy and letters in Havana (Cuba) and exiled in Miami along with her husband, Cuban actor and director Bernardo Pascual (RIP) and their children, the goddess of telenovelas established her center for the creation and production of scripts for her magnificent stories like ‘Cristal’ that was a success in Spain and in other countries of the world; Kassandra, considered one of the 5 most famous and influential telenovela in history, achieving a Güines record; Esmeralda, Leonela and others of her works that were not only subtitled and dubbed into more than 20 languages ​​but have also been adapted throughout the prolific career of the rating queen.

After the death of the writer TVMAS, spoked with the Venezuelan actress, Jeannette Rodríguez, the star of ‘Cristal’ and with great feeling dedicated these words to her: “The only queen of telenovelas: you are going to a heavenly plane full of light, because you were a being of light. What happiness I have had to build my professional career through your wonderful characters. In all the characters that you entrusted to me, you gave the green light to my freedom to create and, in ‘Cristal’ one of the jewels of the public, from your hand I met international recognition. Something unimaginable for me. I am proud and too grateful. I am sure that we will meet again and rest in peace with your eternal lover, Bernardo Pascual, while I offer my condolences to family and friends.”

The Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Ríos, the protagonist of ‘Kassandra’, also dedicated a few heartfelt words here on TVMAS. “I have become the artist that I am because you, my artistic mother, gave me the wonderful opportunity to be in the homes of more than 150 countries entertaining millions of viewers. That call you made me to star in ‘Kassandra’ to play two characters at the same time, changed my life forever. Thank you and I carry you in my heart to infinity. On behalf of my family and my children, rest in peace and condolences to family and friends.”

The journalist Amanda Ospina, director of this publication and who paid her an emotional tribute with the ceremony of the DELIA FIALLO AWARDS to the protagonists of their telenovelas during the X World Summit of Telenovela and Fiction Series, held in Miami in 2012 by TVMASmagazine. She also says goodbye to her like this “You got ahead of us, and I got it right to baptize you ‘The Goddess of telenovelas’. See you soon, great friend and pioneer of television entertainment with a genre that, through your pen, conquered more than two billion viewers who have shared the joys and tears of your characters; and reported billions of dollars for the television industry on four continents. Your legacy is an indelible mark on my heart and on the whole world. Rest in peace, unrepeatable Delia Fiallo.

“The importance of values, kindness, loyalty, compassion, friendship, respect       for others, family feelings, diversity, inclusion, with these elements you can find a range of human qualities” – ” Love always triumphs over all vicissitudes. The importance of honesty and dreams. Evil always pays off in this life.” – Delia Fiallo

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