RT en Español expands its presence in Colombia


Since July 16, it is broadcasting its signal in HD on Claro, one of the largest pay television operators in the country.

Victoria Vorontsova

Victoria Vorontsova

The channel that has been able to garner audiences since its launch in 2009 has been available from last July 16 in the basic packages to the superior package, on channel number 1477 of Claro TV. Now, more than 2.5 million customers across the country already have access to the news, as well as reports, interviews and special programs offered by RT.

“Throughout these years of broadcasting, our channel has earned the recognition of Latin American viewers. Thanks to the launch of our channel in the Claro TV package, the Colombian public will be able to watch high quality news, programs and documentaries”, said the Director of RT en Español  Victoria Vorontsova.

“For Claro it is particularly important to have this type of informative content and to offer our clients new options in our television service. Without a doubt, these alliances allow us to offer more content and a broad programming schedule for Colombians and the Russian community residing in the country,” said Rodrigo Márquez, Claro’s product leader.

According to an Ipsos study, RT is among the five most popular international news channels by weekly audience in 10 Latin American countries. The Spanish version of RT outperformed visits to the Spanish portals of BBC, Euronews, France 24 and teleSur (SimilarWeb). The channel on YouTube is number 1 among all Spanish-language news channels; it has more views and subscribers than the Spanish versions of BBC, CNN, Euronews and teleSUR. On Facebook, RT en Español is the most popular news portal and outnumbers CNN subscribers.

As an anecdote, during the 2018 Soccer World Cup in Russia, the famous Colombian footballer Carlos Valderrama joined the RT team. Speaking about his decision in favor of RT, Carlos Valderrama pointed out: “I think it is a nice opportunity; and for me, personally, it means sending the concept of the joy that Colombians experience through this channel”. Also, since 2018 in RT the program of the former president of Ecuador Rafael Correa has been broadcast.

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