SAMANTHA ALMEIDA’s female leadership. Arrives at LOS ESTUDIOS GLOBO


October is a fabulous month for Samantha Almeida. This month makes her the director of the Content Creation area at Globo Studios.

Samantha Almeida

Samantha Almeida

One of the main leaders in Brazil linked to innovation and diversity in the communication market, Samantha now leads the area to promote the creation of entertainment content and the management of teams of authors, researchers and content producers of one of the companies that was the most important in Latin America: Globo.

She brings experience in the construction of plural narratives, in her luggage a trajectory marked by strong social eco campaigns, focused on issues such as gender equality and racial debate, which earned her a series of awards and recognitions. She was a judge at the Cannes Lions Festival in the Lions Entertainment category and was just nominated for the Caboré 2021 in the innovation category.

She was also chosen by MIPAD, an allied organization of the UN and the African Union, as one of the 100 most influential Afro-descendants with less than 40 years of age on the planet, for her collaboration in the Brazilian communication market.

“I have always believed that you have to start first with an empathetic and honest look towards people, dreams, fears, the beauties of the lives of ordinary people, like me” Samantha said and adds that, “it is time to accompany the moment of transformation through which society passes; debate, collective creation and the multiplicity of voices are fundamental “.

Her arrival at Globo marks the beginning of a new cycle in her professional career. She has a 20-year career as a creative planner in the advertising and communication market. Until September, she was in the leadership position of Twitter Next in Brazil, an area focused on local and global solutions in collaboration with advertisers for the development of strategies and creative campaigns. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Samantha faces a challenge at Globo, a company torn between a successful past and a present full of challenges.

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