Antena 3 Internacional premieres today the documentary ‘Pongamos que hablo de Ronaldo’


Led by Iñaki López, reviews the professional career in 3 weekly chapters and discover the most personal side of the soccer player

After the figures of Joaquín Sabina, Pedro Almodóvar, Mecano, Penélope Cruz and Julio Iglesias  has become ‘Pongamos que hablo de Ronaldo’ a documentary series in which the lives of some of the most important personalities are reviewed

Roberto Carlos, one of the people who knows Ronaldo best, speaks in this special

‘Pongamos que hablo de Ronaldo’  premieres the first installment to  day. Produced by Atresmedia in collaboration with Happy Ending, it is a three-episode documentary directed by Iñaki López and directed by Alberto del Pozo, revealing the football player’s artistic career.

It is the story of Ronaldo Nazario de Lima through his witnesses. Few footballers in the world have starred in more covers and filled in more minutes on radio and television.

How did the best ‘9’ in history experience his retirement? What has led this soccer legend to buy a team like Real Valladolid? Is it true that he is going to be a father again despite having had a vasectomy?

With the aim of answering these unknowns, this new installment focuses on Ronaldo’s life, to discover how he has lived his rise to glory and his subsequent descent into hell after the serious injuries he has suffered throughout his career, besides knowing the secrets of his hazardous sentimental life and his new facet as president of a Spanish soccer team.

First chapter: ‘Dadado’

Considered a god of world football and top scorer in world cup history.

His international success was enshrined with his arrival at Fútbol Club Barcelona. But how does a Brazilian boy from a humble family go on to become the best 9 in history?

Iñaki López talks in depth with one of his best friends, Roberto Carlos, who since 1992 became the best friend, they were roommates when they concentrated with the Brazilian team, in the mid-90s. we became inseparable. He has shared a room with me more times than with his wife ”, he tells us between jokes.


PREMIERE – Tuesday, October 26

LATAM: 8:30 PM Mex – Col / 9:30 PM Ven / 10:30 PM Arg

US: 9:30 PM ET / 6:30 PM PT

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