The production that tells the story of what 3 different mothers, can do in the name of love for their children.

Ryan (Thiago Martins), Magno (Juliano Cazarré), Lurdes (Regina Casé), Érica (Nanda Costa) e Camila (Jessica Ellen)

The telenovela was an audience leader in both Brazil and Portugal and is currently on air in Uruguay, ‘A Mother’s Love’ premieres was yesterday  on Teletica in Costa Rica airs 3:30 pm and promises to captivate the local audience

In ‘A Mother’s Love’, a realistic and captivating plot written by Manuela Dias and with artistic direction by José Luiz Villamarim, the story of the mothers Lurdes (Regina Casé), Thelma (Adriana Esteves, of ‘Brazil Avenue’) and Vitória (Taís Araujo, of ‘Shades of Sin’) is the highlight. Three women of completely different profiles living motherhood to the fullest. Despite the differences that separate them, they will have their lives intertwined forever. The central theme of the story is the mission of being a mother and showing how the daily life can be impacted – positively or negatively – by events of life. This plot is about maternal love and what each of them can do out of love for their children.

The telenovela, that had part of its shooting during the pandemic, was the first production shot at MG4, Globo’s new studios opened in 2019, which consolidated the location as the largest audiovisual production complex in Latin America, with innovative facilities still not applied in any other production center in the world.

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