Antena 3 Internacional premieres today the ninth edition of ‘Tu cara me suena’


After eight editions, the talent show returns this Friday with great news, such as a spectacular set, and new mechanics

Manel Fuentes is once again at the forefront of this musical format, together with Carlos Latre, Lolita, Chenoa and Àngel Llàcer, who once again assume the task of jury

Return ‘Your face sounds to me’ to Antena 3 Internacional. This is the ninth edition of the most successful show in Spain, and it starts with a new cast of contestants and a renewed set.

Since its premiere in 2011, the show has become a phenomenon that has triumphed and traveled all over the world. In addition, it has put on stage a wide variety of artists, who have seen their careers explode after participating in the program.

Manel Fuentes is once again at the forefront of this musical format, where the best imitations of great artists take place by a group of brave contestants, who have demonstrated their artistic talents on many occasions. Of course, the presenter will not be alone with the contestants. Carlos Latre, Lolita, Chenoa and Àngel Llàcer once again assume the task of jury and they will be the ones who scrutinize each performance.

The contestants who will get on this desired stage are Agoney, David Fernández, Eva Soriano, Loles León, Lydia Bosch, María Peláe, Los Morancos, Nia and Rasel.

A spectacular new set

This biggest year and this change happen to present an impressive new set, with much more space for the incredible performances of the program but maintaining the spirit of always.

At 1,800 square meters, the cloner (and stairs) has been moved, leaving more than 50% more space for performances. With a capacity for 500 people, it has more than 160 square meters of high-definition LED screen and a main screen that is made up of four automated and programmable moving parts.

‘Tu cara me suena’ has more than 500 state-of-the-art light fixtures and tracking guns that use remote robotic systems with the help of external cameras. An impressive display of technology to accompany a unique show on television.

New boxes in the search engine

I give it to you

It will work like the ‘I steal it’, but in reverse. It is a poisoned gift, of course. The contestant who gets ‘I give it to you’ will give his character to whoever he wants from its partner. You must wait until everyone has gone through the button and then you will say to whom you want to give the artist. The contestant who “gives away” the artist will have to touch the button again to see who she imitates.

The duel

The same character comes out to two contestants, who will make two different stagings, and after the vote of the jury, the companions will decide which of the two has done a better imitation. Whoever wins the duel receives 3 extra points that are added to the votes of the jury (once transformed into final points) and whoever loses, subtracts 3 points from the jury’s score.

Big entertainment at Antena 3 Internacional

‘Your face sounds to me’ is part of the Atresmedia Televisión family of large entertainment formats. The group continues its commitment to the titles that are internationally successful and that have seen the light of day on Antena 3, such as ‘¡Boom!’, ‘La ruleta de la suerte’, ‘Pasapalabra’, ‘Mask Singer: adivina quién canta’, ‘Family Feud: la batalla de los famosos’ o ‘Veo cómo cantas’.

In addition, Antena 3 is currently broadcasting its third edition of ‘La Voz’ and the new editions of ‘La Voz Kids’ and ‘La Voz Senior’ will soon arrive.

Entertainment plays a very important role in Antena 3 daily. ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’ has established itself this year as the most successful daily format on our television and, after the end of its previous season, it was crowned for the seventh consecutive year as the leading program in its time slot.


PREMIERE – Friday, November 5

LATAM: 8:30 PM Mex / 9:30 PM Col / 10:30 PM Ven / 11:30 PM Arg

US: 10:30 PM ET / 7:30 PM PT

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