Telefe, owned by ViacomCBS, has claimed its place as the undisputed leader in Argentina, closing out 2021 as the #1 channel in the country year after year for the past decade.

In 2021, Telefe surpassed the historical share in Argentine free-to-air (FTA) television with an annual average of 43.88%¹, the greatest difference with its closest competitor since 2006. The network has led with an over 40% share the last 20 consecutive months, an unprecedented feat in Argentine television ². It prevailed in all time slots, averaging the highest annual ratings (8.97 points).

In December, Telefe attained 42.95% share and 7.93 rating points, occupying the #1 spot every month for the past four consecutive years. Additionally, the 10 most watched shows of the year all aired on Telefe³, with its programming occupying the first 22 spots of the most-watched list:

  • #1 La Voz Argentina
  • #2 MasterChef Celebrity, Season Two
  • #3 MasterChef Celebrity, Season Two, Elimination Gala
  • #4 MasterChef Celebrity, Season One
  • #5 La Voz Argentina, Camino a la Final
  • #6 MasterChef Celebrity, Season One, Elimination Gala
  • #7 Doctor Milagro
  • #8 MasterChef Celebrity, Season Three, Elimination Gala
  • #9 MasterChef Celebrity, Season Three
  • #10 Susana, Invitada de Honor

Furthermore, Telefe Noticias was the most-watched newscast with a share of 38.50%, holding the #1 spot since October 2018 for 38 consecutive months.

In 2021, Telefe debuted, which brought together its various digital properties under one umbrella and a new brand identity. The digital powerhouse reached 53 million users, an average of 4.5 million Unique Users (UUs) a month, and garnered 174 million views.4

The revitalized digital presence brought with it several premieres, like #AfterHours, the MasterChef Celebrity Argentina spin-off; #ElRegreso, the La Voz Argentina spin-off; the third season of #MasterChefArgentina.

Telefe also stands out on Google Argentina’s 2021 trends, with three of its productions making the top five in the Series, Movies, & TV Shows category: La Voz Argentina (#1), Squid Game (#2), Masterchef Celebrity (#3), Eternals (#4), and Doctor Milagro (#5). While on YouTube’s Popular Videos List, the audition of La Voz Argentina winner, Francisco Benítez, occupied the #1 spot.

Telefe also made its foray into the world of esports in 2021 with the launch of #TLFEsports, a specialized vertical with exclusive content, alliances with key partners, live events, and much more. In its first year, #TLFEsports covered some of the most prestigious regional and international professional tournaments, such as #FreeFireLeague, #PlutoTVMasterLeague and #Uppercut, with more than 5.5 million views, as well as exclusive coverage of the Argentina Game Show from the #TLFEsports platforms. #TLFEsports also launched its first original, #Streamers, with specialized content, and its very own Twitch channel. In the short time since its launch, #TLFEsports is reinforcing its position in the esports space with its excellent performance and wide variety of premium content.

Telefe has exciting premieres planned for 2022: El Primero de Nosotros, a compelling story about friendship and dreams produced by ViacomCBS International Studios; The Masked Singer, one of the most successful show formats in the world, hosted by Natalia Oreiro; new seasons of MasterChef Celebrity and Por El Mundo Mundial; and the highly anticipated return of Susana Giménez. All this and so much more to continue being Siempre Juntos in 2022.


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