Due to the high number of infections in the United States and the world, (Omicron) the organization behind NATPE Miami 2022 decided to cancel the meeting that was going to take place from January 18 to 20 at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach.

The association did not give dates for when it will be and how it will be replaced, but it did announce that it plans virtual and face-to-face events during 2022 with a date and format to be confirmed.

JP Bommel - Presidente CEO

JP Bommel – President and CEO

The president and CEO of the JP Bommel association after considering the health and safety of the attendees, as well as the quality of the event experience for its members and other members, NATPE Miami 2022 canceled the conference and face-to-face market planned for 18 to 20 January in Miami Beach, Florida.

“NATPE is in the process of developing a plan to create virtual and in-person events (where appropriate) throughout the year, either with no or limited fees in appreciation of the support NATPE has received from many individuals and businesses across the globe”.

In the statement “Bommel concluded: Although this decision from a financial point of view will cost us a great deal of money, that is secondary to our main concern, which is to put the welfare of our members first. We implement many security protocols, “But it is not enough given the intensity of this virus that is spreading at an enormous rate around the world. We look forward to producing a strong conference under the best of circumstances and delivering the greatest value we can deliver.”

TVMAS regrets these events, and we are sure that these changes in nature will lead us to uncertain and different paths in the search for continuity and prosperity. The industry will continue. And at TVMAS we will be working to promote creatives and passionate leaders and investors in this industry.

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