GLOBOPLAY ORIGINAL SERIES “A WOMAN’S FATE” promotes female protagonism and the search for freedom


Renata Sorrah , Giovanna Antonelli y Vanessa Giácomo

The super-production brings relevant themes with the story of women who take control of their lives to break the patterns of society

The cast, made up of great Brazilian actresses such as Renata Sorrah (from Her Own Destiny) Giovanna Antonelli (from The Clone), and Vanessa Giacomo (from Trail of Lies)

The series “A Woman’s Fate”, a Globoplay Original Super-production, the only Brazilian representative was  screened at the Berlinale Series Market 2022, has stood out in the international market for placing women as an important and central piece in the decisions of their lives. The series tackles important issues that promote female empowerment and discuss the role of women in relationships between people, whether in families or friendships.

In 12 episodes, the plot dialogs with several themes, such as gender equality, the search for freedom, the quest for improved self-esteem, the major role of women in decision making, abusive relationships, and the breaking of pre-established models for them, allowing a complete reinvention of their lives.

“The story is the account of each character’s breaking away from patterns, the search for happiness, for freedom, and especially for solidarity among women. Little by little they understand each other, coming to realize that they need to help each other, even though they think differently,” explains the author Martha Mendonça.

The cast, made up of great Brazilian actresses such as Renata Sorrah (from Her Own Destiny), Giovanna Antonelli (from The Clone), and Vanessa Giacomo (from Trail of Lies), brings to life the stories of Stella, Livia, and Cleo, three generations of women with very different lifestyles, but who are all ‘trapped’ by the standards of a sexist society.

During the screening of a video tribute at her golden wedding anniversary, Stella does not recognize herself and decides to file for divorce, breaking the bond of a lifetime devoted to him and her daughter to follow her own course and seek a new meaning to life. Stella’s unexpected attitude affects the lives of everyone around her, especially that of her daughter Livia and the stranger Cleo, a young woman who drops in on the wedding anniversary party at the worst possible moment. From this moment on, the lives of the three women are connected and, to create new paths, they help each other to build, willingly or not, a new version of themselves.

“Stella inspires some people, but scares others. And this woman’s transformation will impact the lives of everyone around her,” reveals the author Nelito Fernandes.

“Stella, a woman who remained married for 50 years, more or less followed what her generation would do and one day breaks away from that. Her daughter, Livia, who is already professionally independent, is emotionally tied to her husband. Even because of her parents’ marriage that lasted so long, she has this idealization of living in that ‘castle’, as she herself says. Her main conflict is to find her emotional center and inner strength. And there’s Cleo, whose social life is what ties her down, as well as family issues, and she needs to put an end to that also. Jobless and always in need, she calls herself a ‘rock bottom guide,’” explains Martha Mendonça

“We are going to raise some questions and what we want to show is that sometimes, you just feel like “blowing your top” one day, whatever your stage of life is. This has crossed everybody’s mind. To what extent is it worth changing? Why not give it a shot? Will I regret it or not? And these questions are part of our daily lives,” adds artistic director Leonardo Nogueira.

“A Woman’s Fate” is written by Adriana Falcao, Jo Abdu, Martha Mendonça and Nelito Fernandes, with artistic direction by Leonardo Nogueira.


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