HOLA TV! takes a tour of the most spectacular houses in Mexico in the premiere of ‘Design Hunters’


The channel will tour emblematic properties with the help of three specialists, starting on April 1

This season, homes such as Casa Barragán are shown, included in 2004 on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

HOLA TV!  Premieres on April 1 ‘Design Hunters’, a new production of five episodes, which runs through some of the most spectacular houses in Mexico. Each property is a perfect fusion of architecture, interior design and art; unique places that can be admired inside and out on the channel of reference for lifestyle, fashion and royalty.

In each tour, the architect Antonio Farré, the interior designer Elena Talavera and the journalist David Solís will reveal all the secrets of these fabulous properties under the maxim that good architecture and good interior design improve life in a home.

Regarding the properties that can be discovered in ‘Design Hunters’, Casa Lluvia stands out, where the natural vegetation of the garden is interwoven with interior spaces; Casa Barragán, which since 2004 has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list; Casa Tierra, a masterful example of the rational use of resources and respect for the environment; Casa Puebla, based on the concept of “inward life”, and Casa Sordo Madaleno.

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