The Series Was Nominated in the Comedy Series: Non-English Language Category. Produced by VIS, Paramount’s International Studio, Stars Mariana Treviño, Erick Hayser, Marimar Vega, Michel Brown and César Bono.

The Series Is Available to Stream on Paramount+ in the U.S.,the Nordics, Canada, Australia and Latin America.

Cecilia, the Paramount+ original series produced by VIS, was nominated for the Banff World Media Festival 2022 Rockie Awards in the Comedy Series: Non-English Language category. The series premieres today in the U.S., the Nordics, Canada, and Australia and premiered last year in Latin America, exclusively on Paramount+.

The prestigious Banff World Media Festival recognizes excellence in global television and digital content. Building on a 43-year legacy, the Rockie Awards International Program Competition is one of the world’s largest competitions of its kind, with participation from more than 55 countries annually, including an international jury of 150 industry professionals. It is open to all genres and platforms, including drama, nonfiction, digital, kids, youth, and podcasts. Category winners will be announced at the 2022 Rockie Awards in June.

Mariana Treviño photo Milton Martínez. Culture secretary CDMX

The series tells the story. Cecilia, played by Mariana Treviño, a creative, charismatic, and daring woman who has transformed her parents’ bakery into a successful business through her talent and hard work. However, Cecilia’s fears and conflicts have led to a family dynamic highly dependent on her, where love has been replaced by need. Cecilia’s world seems to fall apart when her stressors cause her to suffer a stroke. What at first seems like a tragedy ends up being an opportunity for Cecilia to create an environment for those around her to develop the skills and resources they need to be self-reliant. Cecilia is led by a talented international cast, which includes Marimar Vega, Cesar Bono, Erik Hayser, Michel Brown, and Martín Altomaro, among others.

Filmed in Mexico City and based on an original idea by acclaimed writer and director Daniel Burman, the series is written by Clara Roquet, Mónica Herrera, and Burman himself; directed by Ihtzi Hurtado; and executive produced by Inna Payán. Additionally, singer Julieta Venegas wrote an original song inspired by the story for the series, appropriately titled “Cecilia.”








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