“Palpito” the most watched series on NETFLIX in Spanish language worldwide


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Venezuelan writer, Leonardo Padrón confirms the second season and signed an exclusive contract with the platform.

The series was released on April 20 and has been in the “top team” of more than 60 countries around the world.

Leonardo Padron

In the January edition of this year, TVMAS invited the outstanding Venezuelan talent to an interview to pay posthumous tribute to the “Goddess of telenovelas” and said that “Delia Fiallo’s influence was overwhelming. She knew how to generate addiction in audiences in a devastating way”.


Today, Leonardo Padrón conquers the whole world proving to be a world-class creative and writer.

The great news is that Padrón has been exclusively hired by Netflix, this was confirmed by the writer himself who at the same time confirmed the second season.

“We are confirming that in Latin America we know how to tell stories that go around the world, with the power and quality that a demanding public value,” said the journalist, writer, poet, creative and film and TV screenwriter.


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