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Creators of millionaire emporiums

Women entrepreneurs are in fashion. The channel launches its first free podcast from Wednesday, May 18 on Spotify for all Latin America with an injection of female empowerment, equality and inclusion and praises the voice of leading women, expert celebrities who address issues of female diversity.

Erika de la Vega (¨Ojos de Mujer¨, ¨Latin American Idol¨, ¨Toy Story 3¨) is the host of the first season of 13 episodes.

Guests such as María Noel Vaeza, Regional Director of ONU Women and great experts to understand the challenges faced by women who want to undertake in Latin America, imagine and propose solutions in a changing and very challenging world.

The channel and platform E! Entertainment announces the official launch of its first podcast ¨Emprender en Femenino¨ available for free from Wednesday, May 18 on Spotify. The podcast arrives with a first season ‘Undertaking in Women’ with 13 episodes with acclaimed guests such as María Noel Vaeza, Regional Director of ONU Women and great experts. A space that will guide the audience interested in doing business, with a female perspective.

The boss or the boss. It’s the same. ¨Emprender en Femenino¨ will focus on offering the necessary tools so that women can establish their own business and realize their dream of being their own boss. This first installment is hosted by the renowned Venezuelan comedian, presenter and broadcaster Erika de la Vega, an example of resilience, success, and unique talent in the region.


Female entrepreneurship in Latin America with this program opens the key for Digital Marketing to undertake and shed light and skills as well as the importance of having a solid business plan and technological tools for women. These are some of the topics that the audience will be able to learn from the experts. E! Entertainment is going after an eager audience to launch its first podcast to advance female empowerment and give voice to leading women regardless of race, age, gender identity and beauty standards.

A KEY FRANCHISE.The new podcast comes under the umbrella of ¨Voces de E! ¨ a powerful multiplatform franchise of original productions from NBCUniversal International Networks that promote female empowerment, diversity, equity and inclusion alongside ¨Con Carmen¨, ¨Escuela Imparables¨, ¨Ojos de Mujer¨, ¨Belleza XL¨, ¨Born to Fashion¨, ¨Popsulas¨ and many more.

Erika de la Vega. The first season “Emprende en Femenino” of the new E! podcast! Entertainment available for free on Spotity starting May 18, 2022. Emprender En Femenino with Erika De La Vega

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