In Colombia: new Regulatory Sandbox for the audiovisual content sector


José Fernando Parada Commissioner of the Audiovisual Content Commission Session of the CRC

The Communications Regulation Commission, CRC with this implementation will allow experimenting with new products, services, or solutions for the benefit of audiences.

Aimed at operators and licensees, as well as other industry agents.

With the issuance of Resolution 7018 of 2022, the CRC establishes the general conditions for the application of the Regulatory Sandbox in the communications sector, this ‘new sandbox’ will allow the inclusion of topics of both Audiovisual Content and Communications, in the same call , motivating the presentation of transversal projects that articulate both sectors and require flexibility of topics under the competence of the two Commission Sessions that make up the CRC, in order to promote possible combinations to promote innovative initiatives that benefit users, audiences and the industry in general.

The regulatory ‘sandbox’ is an alternative instrument that allows companies to test new products, services or solutions, under flexible regulatory conditions, under a controlled experimentation scenario that, in parallel with its execution, will allow obtaining information that can be input for future regulatory decisions.

During 2023, the preparation stage will be advanced, which includes dissemination, advisory and support activities for those interested in structuring projects.

“With the authorization of this mechanism for agents in the Audiovisual Content sector, we seek to promote innovation, increase the speed of adaptation of the regulatory framework in the face of technological advances and promote innovation and the development of new products, services and solutions for the benefit of audiences in the country”, concluded José Fernando Parada Commissioner of the Audiovisual Content Commission Session of the CRC.

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