In Ecuador Ecuavisa Studios announces tax advantages for production


Ana Cecilia Alvarado, President of Ecuavisa Studios

“This 2023 we can generate productions with everyone in our country because we have tax incentives, natural locations, experience and trajectory in international production.” Ana Cecilia Alvarado, President of Ecuavisa Studios.

The renowned producer and businesswoman arrives at Content Americas with important news.

“We reaffirm the slogan this year: Take Ecuador, inviting international production companies to take advantage of the recent Organic Law for Digital and Audiovisual Transformation that includes the Audiovisual Investment Certificate (CINA), a security that represents 37% of all costs and expenses incurred in the country, which may be negotiated by national or foreign production companies that incur expenses for audiovisual production, recovering this percentage,” he said, adding that they want to receive production companies from all over the world.

“In Ecuador, things are made that require effort, patience and passion, such as fine toquilla straw hats, for example, which require specialized labor. This is also the case with the audiovisual industry. We are very talented and we have a human team ready to produce the best audiovisual works and of course, with the experience of Ecuavisa Studios. If we add CINA to this, we will achieve a growth and explosion of the audiovisual industry in Ecuador”, says Alvarado.

Ecuavisa Studios has strategic allies in the region to add value and quality to the content. In this sense, it works in a joint venture with Colombian production companies with great experience, as well as internationally recognized local producers such as 2bLatam, the company behind the popular program “Enchufe.TV”, which confirms its position as a global studio”.

“We want Ecuador to become a regional powerhouse and that together with Colombia we can position ourselves as Latin American Hollywood,” says Ana Cecilia.

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