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In addition to Globoplay Originals, the company has a portfolio that highlights series and documentaries will be present at the Berlinale, one of the most important events in the audiovisual industry in Europe.

The company will carry its extensive portfolio, with series such as ‘ROTA 66: The Killer Unit’, ‘Under Pressure’ and ‘We Are Five’, true crime documentaries such as ‘Flordelis: Doubt or Worship’ and ‘The Evandro Case: A devilish plot’, in addition to the telenovelas ‘The Path’, ‘Never Give Up’ and ‘Pantanal’. The event will also feature the launch of ‘’ for the international market, with a screening on February 21, at 11h, on CinemaxX studio 11.

The Globoplay Original series was produced over two years and listens to experts and researchers aiming to understand the reasons that lead thousands of Brazilians to disseminate coup speeches.

From spread of weapons to the use of religion, from denialism to the manipulation of morality and decency, from algorithm engineering to the so-called indignation marketing, the series also shows the anti-democratic attacks of January 8th, with the invasion and depredation of the Planalto Palace, National Congress and Federal Supreme Court.

“Like any documentary, there is an expectation that it will become a historical record. At that moment in our country, I think that two parallel and necessary paths are presented: the punishment of extremists and the dialogue with those who let themselves be carried away by some aspect of the extreme right discourse but who are not extremists, who have a democratic foundation – which in the end it’s the vast majority of Brazil”, comments Caio Cavechini, director of the series and productions such as ‘Sieged – The Press Vs Denialism’ and ‘Marielle – the crime that shook Brazil’ – the latter also presented at the Berlinale, in 2021.

Gabriel Doria

For the Berlinale, Globo is betting on the strength of the Globoplay Originals series, ranging from dramaturgy, such as ‘We Are Five’, ‘ROTA 66: The Killer Unit’, ‘Rensga Hits’, ‘Dissident Archangel’, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Unsoul’ and ‘Where My Heart Is’ – the latter earned Letícia Colin an International Emmy nomination for Best Actress – true crime documentaries like ‘Flordelis: Doubt or Worship’, ‘The Evandro Case: A devilish plot’ and ‘On Behalf of God’.

Telenovelas will also be highlighted at the Berlinale. ‘All The Flowers’, produced directly for streaming; ‘Pantanal’ and ‘Never Give Up’ are some of the productions that will be present. ‘The Path’, launched for the international market at Content Americas, will also be taken to Europe at the event.

“The same way that we are internationally recognized for our telenovelas, we’ll prove that we have documentary and drama series with a high potential for engagement and that can connect with the audience in Europe. We have strong stories aligned with the main themes around the world, which show our competitiveness in the market and in different formats. The variety of our portfolio highlights how open we are to new conversations and strategic partnerships”, states Gabriel Doria, Sales Manager at Globo.

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