Globo in Berlinale: Radicalization of far right in Brazil is addressed in ‘’



A Globoplay Original documentary series, directed by Caio Cavechini (‘Marielle – the crime that shook Brazil’), ‘’ will be launched on the international market. The show, which has eight episodes, will have a special screening during the Berlinale, one of the main events in the audiovisual industry.

Produced by the Journalism team of Globo, the series addresses the radicalization of the far right in Brazil and the reasons that lead thousands of people to spread anti-democratic speeches in the country.

The production listens to specialists and researchers who monitor this behavior and follows well-known characters in national politics: unlikely political actors, digital influencers on the rise, regretful militants, and unknown voters.

“The series followed, closely and from many angles, the radicalization of parts of the Brazilian population. It was a finished material when the most acute episode of threat to democracy shocked the world on January 8 of this year, with the invasion and depredation of headquarters of the Three Powers in Brasília.  We work tirelessly to update this research work, which can now reach an international audience interested in Brazil and the dynamics of radicalization that spread to other countries”, says Caio.

The Globoplay Original brings stories of those who remain hidden in the virtual war and dives into recent events after the end of the 2022 presidential election. The production closely follows the routine of the protesters unhappy with the election results, who were camped out in front of the Army’s offices calling for military intervention and permanently attacking the ballot box and the Supreme Court.

“‘’ is a very current series, which shows the reality of Brazil, but affects other countries and speaks to audiences around the world. It is also a product that highlights the excellence of our journalism with a subject extremely relevant for society, and shows our portfolio diversity”, adds Gabriel Doria, Sales Manager at Globo.

Gabriel Doria

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