¡HOLA! TV presents powerful women throughout the month of March dedicated to women.


Celebrities, Fashion and Royalty starring stories of women who have left their mark such as Michelle Obama, Meryl Streep, Queen Letizia or the designer Coco Chanel, among others.

¡HOLA! TV the company formed by ATRESMEDIA INTERNACIONAL and ¡HOLA! Magazine, a reference for news about celebrities, royalty and aristocracy, is presenting this month dedicated to ‘La Mujer’ with thematic blocks starring stories of great women who have left their mark.

This month’s programming includes thematic blocks with Greta Thunberg, Michelle Obama and Meryl Streep starring in the premieres of the ‘Intimate and Personal’ segment, with ‘Rebelde con causa., Since 2018, the ninth-grade girl from Sweden has been fighting whoever it takes to defend her environmental cause, a fight that has made her an international revolutionary icon.

‘Life behind the White House’, focused on the first lady of the US from 2009 to 2017. She went further to rise as an icon of female empowerment.

‘The winner takes it all’ and is one of the most successful actresses in the Hollywood industry, Meryl Streep.

FEMININE FASHION. ‘Lunes de Moda’ brings the premiere of two specials about women who have marked the world on and off the catwalks. This is Gaby Aghion, founder of the Chloé brand and whose history has been shrouded in mystery, despite having been the creator of the popular prêt-à-porter concept, freeing women from the rigid style of haute couture. And ‘From Gabrielle to Chanel’ analyzes the legend of Coco Chanel, a woman of humble origins who managed to found a world-renowned luxury brand.

On Tuesdays in March, in ‘Especiales Realeza’, ‘Letizia, according to her own words’ premieres, dedicated to the Queen of Spain who gives her opinion on current issues such as the use and abuse of social networks, education with a gender perspective or women’s access to the nuclei of power.

With the premiere of ‘They called her Grace’, ¡HOLA! TV focuses on the princess of Monaco, considered one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of her time. Through the eyes of those closest to her, she tells the story of this multifaceted woman, as has never been told, beyond her tragic fate.


Premiere – ‘Greta Thunberg’, ‘Michelle Obama’ and *‘Meryl Streep’

Saturdays, March 4, 18 and 25

LATAM: 8:00PM MX/ 9:00PM COL/ 10:00PM VEN/ 11:00PM ARG

US: 10:00PM/9:00PM C

*From 8:30 PM Mexico


Premiere – ‘The woman behind the Chloé house’ and ‘From Gabrielle to Chanel’

Monday, March 20 and 27

LATAM: 7:30PM MX/ 8:30PM COL/ 9:30PM VEN/ 10:30PM ARG

US: 9:30PM/8:30PM C


Premiere – ‘Letizia, according to her own words’ and ‘They called her Grace’.

Tuesday, March 7 and 28

LATAM: 7:30PM MX/ 8:30PM COL/ 9:30PM VEN/ 10:30PM ARG

US: 9:30PM/8:30PM C

Michelle Obama

Meryl Streep

Letizia Ortiz


Greta Thunberg

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