N+ from Televisa México launches analysis and debate program around the world of sport


Tercer Grado Deportivo will be led by Denise Maerker and includes the participation of André Marín, David Faitelson, María José González, Alberto Lati, Javier Alarcón and Alejandro de la Rosa, a group of prominent sports journalists from various media.

The program will be broadcast every Monday at 11:07 pm, starting next April 10, on the stars, by ViX (N+ and TUDN channels) and on nmas.com.mx

Committed to audiences, this April 10th N+ will premiere this space that delves into issues of impact in the sports field.

“We want to go beyond the day-to-day, above the scores and the results, to bring to the table key issues for the progress of the sport in our country,” says Daniel Badía, CEO of N+.

Daniel Badía Gómez

At the analysis table, moderated by Denise Maerker, will be sports analysts with extensive experience as André Marín, host on Fox Sports; David Faitelson, commentator on ESPN; María José González, narrator on TNT; Alberto Lati, commentator on Fox Sports; Javier Alarcón, host of Imagen TV; and Alejandro de la Rosa, host at TUDN.

Denise Maerker

“We are always talking about the performance of athletes and teams, but very little about the multiple factors that influence the world of sport from a social and cultural perspective, going through public policy, business and innovation”, explains Denise. Maerker. At N+ we are excited to contribute to promoting the analysis around the necessary changes in a sector as relevant worldwide as sports”.

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