STRATEGIC ALLIANCE Parrot Analytics partners with Rise Studios of the United Arab Emirates


Amanda Turnbull, CEO of Rise Studio

Laurine Garaude, Partnerships Director EMEA, Parrot Analytics

Parrot Analytics seeks to drive innovation in the entertainment industry across the Middle East.

Amanda Turnbull, CEO and Co-Founder of Rise Studios says she will leverage insights to deliver the right content to the right audiences.

Rise Studios, a company driving investment in the MENA entertainment industry, has announced a partnership with Parrot Analytics, the entertainment industry’s leading global audience analytics and content valuation firm, to drive data-driven decisions as the company looks to streamline its content creation and distribution strategy.

The partnership allows Rise to have a thorough understanding of regional audience demand and preferences, enabling them to develop more impactful and engaging content which resonates and captivates viewers.

Amanda Turnbull, CEO of Rise Studios said, “We are delighted to partner with Parrot Analytics who are specialists in global audience analytics and content valuation, enabling us to make informed decisions for our content creation and distribution strategy.”

“Parrot Analytics is thrilled to partner with Rise Studios to drive innovation in the entertainment industry throughout the Middle East. Combining our data-driven approach and insights with Rise Studios’ creative and platform expertise, we believe will result in transformative content that captivates and engages the audience,” Laurine Garaude, Parrot Analytics’ EMEA Partnerships Director added.

By leveraging Parrot Analytics’ global audience analytics, Rise Studios joins a rapidly growing roster of industry leaders, including such studios as Lionsgate, Warner Bros. Discovery, NBCUniversal, and Sony Pictures; media and technology companies including Amazon, Comcast, and Google; networks such as Sky and Turner; government agencies such as Canadian Media Fund; and streaming services such as HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video.

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