GREAT PREMIERE ON PAY TV ‘La cocinera de Castamar’, in ATRESERIES exclusive premiere on May 7


The pay channel brings this original ATRESMEDIA series starring Michelle Jenner, Roberto Enríquez, Hugo Silva, Maxi Iglesias, Fiorella Faltoyano and Paula Usero.

An adaptation of the novel by Fernando J. Múñez, which tells the story of Clara Belmonte and the fight against one of the great obstacles of the time: the class difference.

Set in 18th-century Madrid, with a technical sheet from renowned experts in the world of series creation and production, the channel is going to fascinate its subscribers with this original story directed by Iñaki Peñafiel and Norberto López Amado. Ana Rocha is the production manager.

THE SCREENWRITERS. Ramón Tarrés Reguant, Camino López Lozano, Arantxa Cuesta and Victor Pedreira, with Tatiana Rodríguez Vázquez as script coordinator. The direction of photography by Aitor Mantxola, Óscar Durán and Juana Jiménez. The design of the sets has been made by Mercedes Canales and the Art Director Javier Mampaso.

Michelle Jenner, Roberto Enríquez and Hugo Silva lead the cast of protagonists in this adaptation of the homonymous novel by Fernando J. Múñez. They are joined by big names such as Maxi Iglesias, Silvia Abascal, Nancho Novo, María Hervás, Paula Usero, Fiorella Faltoyano, Jean Cruz, Jaime Zataraín, Marina Gatell, Mónica López and Agnés Llobet, among others.

The production is from Buendía Estudios. It tells the story of Clara Belmonte (Michelle Jenner) and Diego, the Duke of Castamar (Roberto Enríquez), both with a painful past, but whose meeting will change their lives. They will have to fight against one of the great obstacles of the time if they want to be together: the difference in class, in addition to facing the thirst for revenge of Enrique de Arcona (Hugo Silva).


Madrid, 1720. Clara Belmonte arrives in Castamar fleeing from a painful past to work in the palace kitchen. The death of her father, accused of treason, has disrupted her life plans and has made her sick with agoraphobia. The young woman takes refuge in the kitchen to survive and turns her work into her great passion. On her plates she pours her hopes, her illusions, and the conviction that we will all be the same when we all eat the same.

VIDEO TRAILER GREAT PREMIERE ON PAY TV ‘La cocinera de Castamar’, in ATRESERIES exclusive premiere on May 7

In the Palace, Clara cooks for Diego, Duke of Castamar. Widowed and also with a bleak past. They fall in love, but the class difference is the main obstacle, added to the fact that Enrique de Arcona, Marqués de Soto, is willing to do anything to get his revenge.

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