¡HOLA! TV ‘Will put all the meat on the grill’ with live transmission of the coronation of Charles III

Oriana Pérez, Julio Otero and Lucía Riaño, and Marcela Gutiérrez from London, will analyze all the details in the different special programs dedicated to this historic moment.

The pay channel has won the hearts of audiences in Latin America and the United States as the reference channel for information about royalty. This Saturday, May 6, goes out to win over its audience with the coronation of Carlos III, the event of the year in the United Kingdom.

¡HOLA! TV places all its resources to bring the audience the details of this great celebration, starting with the live broadcast (starting at 2:30 am in Mexico). And everything that happens will be accompanied by the comments and analysis of royalty experts, Oriana Pérez and Julio Otero, and the London correspondent, Marcela Gutiérrez.

The same Saturday, in prime time, ¡HOLA! TV has prepared Specials ¡HOLA! TV ‘A ceremony for a new king’, in which Lucía Riaño and Oriana Pérez will select the most significant moments of the day, with the support of Marcela Gutiérrez to bring closer the festive atmosphere that invades the British capital. It will be followed by an hour and a half summary with a visual tour.

“As in the great moments that the royal families of the world star in, and that mark history, ¡HOLA! TV will once again be a benchmark when it comes to bringing closer, rigorously and with our style, what will happen during the King’s coronation, but we will also be present before and after the big day with our programming, to give this deserved prestige important event like no other channel can do it”, says Adolfo Álvarez, content director of ¡HOLA! TV.

The channel, in addition to its extraordinary programming, goes beyond May 6 and throughout the week before LA HORA ¡HOLA! It will present news, advances, preparations, and reactions that have been taking place.

As the celebration will continue for two more days, on Monday, May 8, the daily program presented by Natasha Cheij will echo the best moments and anecdotes in ‘LA HORA ¡HOLA! ‘Special Coronation’, as well as the great concert of international icons and stars of the moment, which will be held at Windsor Castle, and will be followed by different social and cultural events through the streets of the capital.



LATAM: 2:30AM MX/ 3:30AM COL/ 4:30AM VEN/ 5:30AM ARG

US: 4:30AM ET/ 1:30AM PT


LATAM: 8:00PM MX/ 9:00PM COL/ 10:00PM VEN/ 11:00PM ARG

US: 10:00PM / 9:00PM C


LATAM: 9:00PM MX/ 10:00PM COL/ 11:00PM VEN/ 00:00PM ARG

US: 11:00PM ET/ 8:00PM PT

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