ATRESplayer ‘No se lo digas a nadie’ (Don’t tell anyone)



A bet to applaud. The five-episode series delves into a multifaceted case that faced investigators with an unprecedented challenge: the first crime shared on WhatsApp.

It is an Atresmedia production, developed in Spain and Brazil, which includes unpublished testimonies, real conversations, official files and material contributed by family and friends.

Directed by Juan Carlos Arroyo and executive produced by Luz Aldama and Teresa Latorre, it has had a research team in both countries, made up of Raquel Hernández Morán, Patrícia Zaidan and Paula López Barba, who have worked for a year on the production of the five chapters of the docuseries.

The series is already on the ATRESplayer PREMIUM platform, Atresmedia Internacional’s video platform, and it hopes to accumulate a large audience, not only because of the tragic story it tells but also because of its narrative and production values.

This original true crime delves into the story of events that, in August 2016, shocked society on both sides of the Atlantic: the brutal murder of four members of a Brazilian family in the small town of Pioz, Guadalajara (Spain).

The discovery of the bodies of Marcos Campos, Janaina Santos and their children, Maria Carolina and David, aged three and one, began the investigation by the Civil Guard of an unprecedented case, as it was the first crime shared by WhatsApp. Specifically, a seven-hour conversation through this social network that the perpetrator of the crime has with his best friend, who lives in Joao Pessoa, 6,000 kilometers away.

Very soon, the investigations of the Police point to Patrick, a 19-year-old young man and relative of the victims. A law student, from a wealthy family, who had come to Spain to fulfill his dream of being a footballer. By the time the investigators gather all the evidence incriminating the young man, he has already fled to Brazil. Bringing him back to Spain will be a challenge.

Unpublished testimonials and, for the first time, from the young man on the other end of the phone

“The ATRESplayer catalog continues to grow and already has more than 7,000 hours of recognized series produced in Spain, such as ‘Velvet’, ‘Gran Hotel’, ‘El Tiempo Entre Costuras’, ‘Vis a Vis’ and Sin Identidad ”.

‘Don’t tell anyone’ is a work that includes an unprecedented vision of the case. The voices of those responsible for the investigation in Spain and Brazil, the investigating judge and the families of the victims. The series presents valuable testimonials.

For the first time, the young man who was on the other end of the phone the night of the crime, Marvin Henriques, speaks to a media outlet. You can also listen to the brave story of Jordana, another young woman who, faced with a moral debate, opted for justice and broke her silence.

Can she be an accomplice 6,000 kilometers away? Does reading an unexpected WhatsApp make you an concealer? Why does a young man kill his own family? Why does a teenager observe a murder in the distance without reacting? What leads a group of students to keep the secret? of a crime? Pioz’s crime opens debates that connect and interest audiences of any generation and explores the ethical contradictions that social networks pose, but also the police and legal challenges of new forms of crime.

A polyhedral case. Five intertwined stories

‘Don’t tell anyone’ presents a polyhedral case, which includes five stories that intertwine in the different chapters: an intra-family drama – murderer and victims belong to the same family nucleus; the construction of a psychopath –the story of how a loved and carefree child ends up becoming a quadruple murderer–; the revelation of a shared murder between two friends, through a WhatsApp conversation; the story of a dangerous secret that changes the lives of a group of teenagers, and, finally, a domestic thriller.

ATRESplayer is the online video service of ATRESMEDIA, the first Spanish media group. The platform offers series and programs from the group’s different channels: Antena 3, Atreseries, Atrescine and ¡HOLA! TV), both live and VoD.

The ATRESplayer catalog continues to grow and already has more than 7,000 hours of recognized series produced in Spain, such as ‘Velvet’, ‘Gran Hotel’, ‘El Tiempo Entre Costuras’, ‘Vis a Vis’ and ‘Sin Identidad’ ‘.

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