Channel 26 participated in the DW Global Media Forum in Bon, Germany

Federico Bisutti

Canal 26, en DW Global Media Forum

Canal 26, en DW Global Media Forum

Channel 26 continues to participate in the main world media events and Federico Bisutti, news director, was representing the channel at the DW Global Media Forum meeting on June 19 and 20 at the World Conference Center in Bonn, Germany.

Under the slogan “Overcoming the divisions”, the event offers a unique interdisciplinary platform for media professionals, political decision makers and civil society to delve into topics such as culture, education, business, and science of everything the world. This space for intercultural exchange has been taking place since 2008, seeking feedback from all those involved to learn from each other.

Federico Bisutti, news director of channel 26 in Argentina, was one of the 3 guests specially designated to participate in the panel of the “A fondo” program, an edition recorded exclusively for the event, being a space for debate where journalists and experts analyze the events international, hosted by Javier Arguedas from the prestigious Deutsche Welle Network. (DW) He also interacted in the spaces for networking to strengthen cooperation with colleagues in the region and thus establish relationships with the actors that currently make up the continent’s audiovisual industry.

In addition, he had the opportunity to share all the advances and news of the country’s television production, as well as the 2023 programming of Channel 26, which includes the new Global 26 program hosted by Andrés Repetto. In this way, he communicated the new segments of the signal to those present: 26 Planeta, exclusive international news reports and all the original and news content for the audience that is being developed.

Being present at this type of conference allowed Federico Bisutti and Canal 26 to build a solid network of contacts and content generation opportunities to strengthen the evolution and internationalization of the news that is broadcast within the channel for Argentina and the world.

CANAL 26, is a television signal available throughout Argentina and in different Latin American countries. Currently, it is one of the news channels with the highest audience, with live programming 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday and basing its spaces on news, national and international content.

The generation of content expands on other platforms: Channel 26’s social networks have the objective of distributing innovative and news content, positioning itself day by day among the world’s trends. With more than 1.5 million followers of social media.

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