Ecuavisa Studios will participate in Conecta Fiction & Entertainment 2023


Ana Cecilia Alvarado Robles

Ana Cecilia Alvarado, president of Ecuavisa Studios presents the tax incentive program that will make it easier for producers to recreate all kinds of locations in Ecuador.

Ecuavisa Studios will present at Conecta Fiction & Entertainment the Audiovisual Investment Certificate (CIA), an attractive tax incentive that gives international production companies interested in shooting on location in Ecuador the opportunity to maximize their investment and optimize their resources, thanks to a tax rebate of up to 37% on the costs and expenses of audiovisual production in Ecuador and that may be negotiated by national and foreign production companies, allowing them to recover a significant portion of their investment.

With the CIA, Ecuador is positioned as an incomparable destination to recreate diverse landscapes and climates in a single country. From paradisiacal beaches to majestic mountains, passing through the exuberant Amazon jungle and the wonderful Galapagos Islands, the country offers a variety of impressive natural settings.

In addition, its cities have unparalleled architectural beauty, perfectly adapting to any type of series, whether vintage, contemporary or with innovative narratives. This gives international production companies the opportunity to bring their artistic visions to life in any context and at any time.

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Ana Cecilia Alvarado, president of Ecuavisa Studios, highlights that “the differentiating factor of the tax rebate that Ecuador offers versus those of other countries in the region is that it includes all costs, including logistics. In addition, it applies to all types of audiovisual products: fiction and non-fiction, such as reality shows, movies, series, documentaries, and video games”.

In this sense, Ecuavisa Studios is a strategic partner that offers producers access to these captivating settings and the tax rebate, allowing them to make the most of the visual potential of their projects. Currently, it has an alliance with CMO, one of the most recognized production companies in Colombia and producer of the successful Netflix series created and written by the writer Leonardo Padron, “Palpito“, to co-develop and co-produce in Ecuador.

“At Conecta Fiction we are presenting very attractive projects for the audience, one of them in co-development with CMO. It is a psychological suspense series starring a woman eager to help broken young people, who will flourish under her offspring and the magical Ecuadorian town that welcomes them”, adds Ana Cecilia Alvarado, who reminds them of WE ARE ON. Take Ecuador.

With more than 50 years of experience in creating relevant stories, Ecuavisa Studios has become a benchmark of excellence in the industry, with highly trained and talented professionals, backed by quality teams. “We want to transcend the borders of Ecuador and reach international audiences to offer high-quality productions that captivate and entertain. With Ecuavisa Studios, you have a reliable ally to create content that will leave a lasting mark on the audiovisual industry,” concludes the executive.

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