AT MIPCOM ‘Amor Perfecto’ is one of the telenovelas that Globo will present to buyers


Inspired by the famous romance ‘Marcelino, bread and wine’ by José María Sánchez-Silva. It is being broadcast in Brazil.

By Duca Rachid and Júlio Fischer, with artistic direction by André Câmara, it will be launched at MIPCOM, an event that brings together leaders and big brands in entertainment and media at the Palais Des Festival in Cannes.

“The story starts from melodrama, from the telenovela, from the fairy tale, with the story of a woman who is unjustly imprisoned when she falls into the trap of her stepmother.” Duca Rachid.

Currently showing in Brazil, ‘Perfect Love’ will be released into the international market during MIPCOM, an event that gathers big names in the entertainment and media sector. By Duca Rachid and Júlio Fischer, with artistic direction by André Câmara, the telenovela takes place in the 1940s and is freely inspired in the work “Miracle of Marcelino”, by the Spaniard José María Sánchez Silva, first published in the early 1950s.

”Our first wish was really to talk about love, not only romantic love, but a fraternal love, a love between parents and their children. The telenovela starts off as a melodrama, a serial story, a fairy tale, with the story of a woman who is unjustly imprisoned because she falls into her stepmother’s trap. That is the starting point to talk about matters like diversity, machismo, prejudice, relationships between mother and son, father and children’, recalls Duca, winner of the International Emmy with ‘Precious Pearl’ and ‘Orphans of a Nation’.

For the construction of the telenovela, the authors also highlight the importance of an aesthetic based on the history of Brazil, which is often unknown.

“We start with the fact that our Marcelino (Levi Asaf), in our version, is a Black boy. This already guides the entire development of the story. Aesthetically, too, we are obeying historical references. It’s a fictional city, yes, but it’s not a fantasy city. It is a city that drinks a lot from the reality that we absorbed from research”, tells Júlio.

‘Perfect Love’ tells the story of Marê, a character played by Camila Queiroz (‘Hidden Truths’), a rich girl, student of Administration and Finance, who falls in love with the young doctor Orlando (Diogo Almeida).

Fiancée of Gaspar (Thiago Lacerda), Marê goes against her father’s wishes to live this love. The tragic death of her father and her stepmother’s action to blame her causes Marê to be unfairly arrested. What she didn’t imagine is that, at that time, she was already pregnant with Orlando. Trapped and helpless, Marê sees her dream of taking care of her son destroyed by her stepmother’s ambition.

“Marê is very special in my life because, in addition to being a character I’ve never played anything like, it’s a great challenge. We are talking about a young woman who breaks all the barriers of society, the behavior of the time, being very faithful to her values, her essence and what she believes is right”, highlights Camilla.

During a failed escape attempt, Marê gives birth to Ângelo, who is mysteriously left at the door of the town’s church and is baptized by the religious persons as Marcelino. Eight years later, the boy keeps firm faith that one day he will find his mother.

“’Perfect Love’ is a fell-good story about love that nonetheless discusses subjects that are relevant to society, like racism and machismo. Besides, it shows a Brazil with diverse stories and characters. Duca Rachid, who has won international awards with other telenovelas, knows how to conquer different audiences and ‘Perfect Love’ will be no different. It is another work that enters our portfolio and is ready to engage more audiences”, comments Marcela Parise, head of International Marketing and Customer Success.

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