MEXICO. BTF Awareness with interest in social impact content


Francisco Cordero & Ricardo Coeto

The short film ‘Caso Q’ is the first BTF Awareness project

This foundation is created by the founders and directors of the Mexican production company with offices in Miami, BTF, Francisco Cordero and Ricardo Coeto. The objective is to generate content with ideas that help heal what is broken in humanity.

The production company BTF Media (‘Pancho Villa, Centauro del Norte’, ‘Maradona: blessed dream’), based in Mexico and Miami, has created its BTF Awareness foundation to produce inspirational, impactful and transformative content.

The creators and producers of BTF, Francisco Cordero and Ricardo Coeto, seek to generate enriching debates with new ideas and, perhaps, solutions that help heal what is broken in humanity.”

The foundation has a first project: the short film ‘Caso Q’, focused on a quadriplegic woman who dreams of being a mother. This story seeks to raise funds for its production through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

The foundation has another project in development related to mental health and its impact on modern society.

“Our projects will reflect who we are and connect us to universal issues that transcend any race, belief or nationality,” said board member Ivonne Vela.

BTF Awareness wants to raise awareness and make social issues and problems visible, including discrimination, inequality, mental health disorders, threats, sexual violence among other social problems in any country.

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