EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW. Sergio Veiga, president of the Chamber of Producers and Programmers of Audiovisual Signals (Cappsa) talks about the next CONFERENCES in Argentina


SERGIO VEIGA President of CAPPSA of Argentina

“The theme of this year’s JORNADAS will refer to the topics of interest that affect the industry today, such as the macroeconomic and political panorama, especially days before the elections and the evolution and transformation that the ecosystem is experiencing.

Sergio Veiga, president of the Chamber of Audiovisual Signal Producers and Programmers (Cappsa) responds to TVMAS and affirms that attendance at JORNADAS this year will exceed expectations, “We glimpse some of the challenges that programmers and in general face. the sector”.

What has been the impact of the strong and rapid incursion of streaming channels and in what way has it affected programmers?

We programmers have been working on our offer of linear and non-linear content for some time. Each one with their strategy. Several of them with complementary streaming proposals, all of them have strongly developed their VOD proposals, in all cases trying to reach audiences with their content through different vehicles with new consumer habits.

But what have been the main impacts?

The appearance of multiple streaming players with an increasingly diversified offer has caused the public to have more entertainment options that have to do with their budget and the time available. While having so many options is great news, I think people choose due to budget and time constraints. And, through that choice, the distribution landscape will continue to transform towards a balanced scenario in which the players that offer the best quality-price ratio will continue to move forward.

Many of the programmers became hybrid servers: they did not abandon the cable operators, but they also launched their own streaming offers. A very interesting topic to know your opinions. […]

That’s how it is. It is related to what I answered in the previous question. Reaching different audiences today involves developing proposals that respond to the diverse content consumption habits that exist today, whether with linear channels, with VOD, through our own platforms or through the Pay TV distributors themselves. These are not necessarily exclusive proposals, but what is being seen is that they can be perfectly complementary.

In the next JORNADAS, what will be the main topics, knowing that the lifeblood of the cable operator sector is content?

We are very enthusiastic and expectant for this edition in which there will be a great attendance of executives from Argentina and abroad.

“The theme of the event will refer to the topics of interest that affect the industry today, such as the macroeconomic and political panorama, especially in the days before the elections; the evolution and transformation that the content generation and distribution ecosystem is experiencing, the essential fight against piracy, the necessary equity in the regulatory treatment of the different players, new launches and proposals, among other topics to be discussed”.

Argentina is going through a social and political crisis that definitively influences not only inflation and devaluation but the economy in general.

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