Chile Media Show 2023 brought together 900 attendees in a circuit for industry leaders


From left to right: Rodrigo Ramírez Pino, President of the Chilean Chamber of Digital Infrastructure, Sergio Veiga, President of CAPPSA, Natalia Arcaya, President of Arcatel, Mauricio Muñoz, President of the CNTV, Claudio Araya, Undersecretary of Communications (Subtel), María Soto, President of ISOS Media Group.

The event exceeded expectations and included the participation of figures from the audiovisual, telecommunications and entertainment industries. TVMAS has been participating as a Media Partner for several years and celebrates its success this year.

The opening was led by senior government representatives in the telecommunications sector, the National Television Council, Arcatel and the President of CAPPSA, Sergio Veiga; the President of ISOS Media Group, María Soto, and the President of the Chilean Chamber of Digital Infrastructure Rodrigo Ramírez, who explained that, although the event is not new, it contributes to a converging industry.

María Soto, President of Isos, an organizing group, called for the participation of women in the industry, and stated that “issues such as convergence, artificial intelligence, piracy and streaming must be analyzed and discussed in this type of events,” and invited everyone to be part of this meeting that brings together more than 70 speakers in an express two-day event in Chile.

REGULATIONS A HOT TOPIC. Francisco Concha, manager of regulatory affairs and government relations, pointed out that “it is important to address the issue of connectivity from education, creating digital improvement programs to teach people how to use, which allows in the long term to improve the digital divide.” .

DIGITALIZATION and CHALLENGES. Claudio Araya, Undersecretary of Telecommunications at SUBTEL, expressed that “one of the main challenges is the emergence of other competencies such as streaming channels, which, in turn, should not prevent open television from continuing to make its maximum effort to evolve.” along with new technologies.”

TRADITIONAL MEDIA AND FAKE NEWS. The debate focused on the treatment of information, such as fake news. The panelists said reaching an amplified audience is key. Carlos Zárate, journalist at Channel 13, pointed out that “before, traditional media were the ones that decided people’s consumption, but today it is the users who decide what they want to watch, so it is important to be in tune with them.” Likewise, Fabian Padilla, CEO of Fast Check, commented that “it is essential that journalists are able to filter information to avoid falling into false and harmful content for the media.”

JUVENILE AUDIENCES ON OPEN TV. Mariana Hidalgo, host programming for NTV-TVN, emphasized the importance of “going in search of younger audiences and asking what service is being provided to help educate citizens.”

ONLINE PIRACY. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. The sixth panel of the event was on the social and cultural effects of online piracy. Daiana Pérez and Gardenia Revollo, lawyers at the Cervieri Monsuárez firm from Uruguay and Bolivia, respectively, commented that the main affected parties are the State as a whole, the content creators, and the audience. For them, “it is also essential to work on intellectual property law and create regulatory policies.”

Regarding data infrastructure, Felipe González, data protection manager at Claro VTR, commented that many of the current challenges are related to data protection, “uniform standards must be established at an international level and have protocols and regulations.” robust. At the same time, to use them hand in hand with human judgment.”

APPEARANCE OF NEW AUDIENCES. Cristián Hernández, Digital Director of Channel 13, explained that it is relevant to work to give the greatest visibility and amplification to content, since people want to consume whenever they want and on multiple platforms.”

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. A key issue and how this tool can be implemented in an ethical manner was discussed. Pablo Daniel Díaz, CEO of The Grid, commented that “the current challenge is to incorporate AI throughout the value chain and make it become an everyday occurrence hand in hand with human intelligence.”

Chilean industry influencers Dylantero and Diego Urrutia agreed that authenticity when creating content is key to generating value and loyalty with the audience. Likewise, they stated that there is no formula for success, but that it is important to understand that the world is constantly changing, and they, as content creators, must know how to adapt and advance together with their audience.

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