IMPORTANT. Colombia. First meeting on the present and future of connected industries


Carlos Valenciano, Alai Secure CEO

5G must be able to support 1 million devices in 0.386 square miles or 1 km2.

Alai Secure will develop its 1st edition of Alai IoT Summit Colombia 2024, on March 19 within the framework of AndinaLink in Cartagena Colombia.

The invitation is for managers and leading companies in the sector, to analyze the market, developments in communications technology and real experiences in other related industries.

With the arrival of 5G in Colombia, there are many challenges that different sectors face. According to Statista, by 2025 it is expected that there will be more than 1.2 billion connected mobile broadband devices, of which around 64% will be IoT connections for consumers.

Aware of the growth potential that 5G technology will bring to Colombia, AlaiSecure, pioneers in the management of mission-critical M2M/IoT communications since 2005, within the framework of AndinaLink, at the Ibero-American Convergence and Audiovisual Forum FICA 2024, develops its 1st edition of Alai IoT Summit Colombia 2024 on March 19 at the Hotel Las Américas Convention Center.

“The arrival of 5G and new communications technologies outline a new scenario marked by the hyperdensity of connected devices – up to one million per square kilometer -, by the digitalization of processes and by the demand of companies, corporations and public administrations, for new and innovative services that are increasingly more complex,” says Carlos Valenciano, General Director of Alai Secure.

Some of the main topics that will be addressed at the conference are: SmartCities, private security, elevators, telemetry, agriculture – consumer IoT, fleet control, banking, emergencies and energy.

The appointment is March 19, 2024 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Admission to the Summit is free. Register at:

Moderator: Rafael Antonio Padilla from World UAV Federation

Guest speakers: Oscar Méndez, CEO of Cuidante.

  • Diego Castaño, manager of SECOM
  • María Cristina Arteaga, from ISEC S.A.
  • Steven Echeverri, manager of Tracker Smart GPS
  • Juan Carlos Buitrago, Global Chief Sales Officer of JSC Ingenium

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