‘Living on a Razor’s Edge’ is selected for CANNESERIES


Was the only Brazilian production selected for competition, a festival dedicated to series that celebrates the best television works in the world and takes place between April 5th and 10th in Cannes, France.

The Globoplay Original series was selected in the ‘Long Form Competition’ competing for the awards for Best Series, Best Performance, Special Performance, Best Music, Best Screenplay, and High School Award with productions from countries such as China, Spain, Sweden and Germany. The winners will be announced at the Festival Closing Ceremony, on April 10th.

When I found out that ‘Living on a Razor’s Edge’ had been selected for CANNESERIES, I experienced a mix of feelings from everything I’ve experienced working in the social field over the last 30 years, with the moment I’m experiencing today as a showrunner” Said ”, José Junior, creator of the series.

“We took ‘Living on a Razor’s Edge’ to the Berlinale and now this opportunity in Cannes reinforces the universal appeal of the series”, adds Alex Medeiros, Head of dramaturgy & documentaries of the Globoplay Originals, who also wrote the final version of the series.

Produced by AfroReggae Audiovisual, in partnership with Formata Produções e Conteúdo and Globoplay, the series narrates in eight episodes the struggle of sociologist Herbert de Souza (1935-1997) for major social causes. On his path, the activist faced AIDS, the military dictatorship, hemophilia, and many other personal obstacles, but he chose the population’s hunger as his main enemy.

‘Living on a Razor’s Edge’ has general direction by Lipe Binder. and the cast includes names such as Júlio Andrade (‘Under Pressure’), who also directs the series, Humberto Carrão (‘All The Flowers’), Leandra Leal (‘Justice: Life Is Not Fair’), Andreia Horta (‘In Your Place’), Ravel Andrade (‘Aruanas’), Walderez de Barros (‘Once We Were Six’), Michel Gomes and Sirlea Aleixo.

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