EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Mariella Lecuona. ‘Born entrepreneur’ and founder of BOCA PR


Mariella Lecuona

Is Venezuelan and lives in Buenos Aires Argentina. She belongs to a generation of innovators who are passionate about public relations.

She is young and beautiful but with 19 years of experience in communication, marketing and public relations representing local and global brands in Latin America, including the giant NBC Universal Latin America. She is entrepreneur and founder of BOCA PR.

As a specialist in the strategic development and implementation of communication, marketing and public relations plans for products and services, she maintains a close relationship with opinion leaders, publishers, the media, organizations, celebrities and influencers throughout the region and says that her career has been a great challenge full of passion.

“Of course, I have encountered obstacles; but the key to achieving dreams is exploring our talents and applying them by working hard. At BOCA PR we are successful because we are a team that loves what we do”.

“Regarding the role of women in the industry, as TVMAS asks me, I think there is an evolution. And although there is still a long way to go, it is proud to see great women leaders shine in important posi-tions where their voices inspire and are a reference for new generations”.

Do you think that the contents are vehicles to empower women? “There are more and more productions that highlight female empowerment. The paradigms have changed and from the narrative of the productions, characters and stories are formed that inspire and drive strong women. The industry has the power to generate and transform behavior models, habits, conducts, and achieve gender equality by breaking stereotypes”.

As a publicist, do you think that machismo persists in roles and salaries? “The industry worldwide has progressed in recent years. For example, in 2021 at the Oscars ceremony, the statuette for best director was won for the first time by a woman, Chloe Zhao, for the film Nomadland”.

The specialist responds to TVMAS that the work of publicists is a challenge compared to social networks and other ways of reaching the media table directly. “The pandemic accelerated technological processes and we have opportunities to create smart, effective strategies that generate added value for brands, the industry, and the media. The most important thing is that you must be visible and trustworthy. And the challenge is transparency and ethics as a hallmark of what we do.”

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