Duda Rodrigues

She is from Brazil and in the United States she had her first job to face the market of all America, thanks to a company from Turkey CALINOS ENTERTAINMENT.

Moving to the United States was not an easy thing, but it was a great experience. Changes open up opportunities; For example, in my country in sports we have Olympic medalists, businesswomen from multinational organizations, and we had a woman who held the presidency, Dilma Vanna Rousseff. These advances by these women encourage us and give us certainty of our capabilities”.

Duda Rodrigues, was hired as the CEO’s executive secretary, but her meticulous and rigorous work led her to sit in the management chair.

“I am very grateful to this fascinating entertainment industry and to be responsible for the sale In Portuguese-speaking countries of the contents of CALINOS from Turkey. And now I am submerged in the countries of Latin America and the Hispanic market in the United States, carrying these contents In Spanish”.

“There is machismo, but there is plurality and opportunities”.

Duda explains that historically men have dominated the powers. “In our Industry I see women who have deep knowledge and mastery in their jobs. When I look at industry buyers, I guarantee that in every LATAM country we have one or more outstanding women. It is gratifying to feel the rise of women”.

A key data. ‘La chica que limpia’

Speaking of female leads, Duda says that “Calinos obtained the international distribution rights for the package: ‘FARAH’, also known as the adaptation of The Girl Who Cleans’ aka.
“The Cleaning Lady”, And another title “Twisted Lives”, also known as “Tetikcinin Ogiu”, which have been eagerly awaited by fans and customers “We know that there are many LATAM fans waiting for these two titles” she says and they will soon surprise with the CALINOS catalog at MIPTV 2023.

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