EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Sibel Levendoglu


Sibel Levendoglu

Women have unfinished business. For example, as communicators, fight against physical and sexual violence against women; the empowerment in countries like Spain and France and the acceptance in Turkey of trans women. Break the wage gap and above all, provide an equal education for all and without gender bias. They are recurring themes worldwide.

What are the jobs or projects that have excited you the most and why?

“I have been enthusiastic about many works carried out, but I am going to limit myself to one. A few years ago, as a result of a sale in 3 Latin American countries, I took a trip with a Turkish actor as his translator. Although I grew up in a half-Turkish, half-Spanish world, I had never done simultaneous translation, let alone with celebrities in front of the cameras. So, I arrived at the airport shaking”.

“But being raised by a very strong woman with a successful career, I knew I had to jump in and trust in my abilities and I did! Once I started they couldn’t stop me. It really was one of my most rewarding experiences, not only because of the experience itself and all that it entails, but I also learned a lot about my powers and abilities. We have all the resources to do everything we want in this life”.

As a promoter of the content industry and the audiovisual sector (Contents in Spanish), being Spanish, Catalan-Turkish and having closely known the French community, in your opinion, what are the advances of the feminist movements in Spain-Turkey and France? And what ore the challenges still pending?

There are very Important advances In each of these countries, although I must admit that in Turkey, we are further behind.

The audiovisual industry is a good example where women are behind and in front of the cameras, in the offices making decisions and giving rise to progress just like the women in history who fought so that we can have life today. what we have. We continue to have pending subjects, for example, to communicate, denounce and fight against physical and sexual violence against women.

The empowerment (Spain, France) and/or acceptance (Turkey) of trans women. Break the wage gap; but especially, providing an equal education for all, regardless of gender, which I believe are recurring themes worldwide.

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