Televisa seeks the series niche and their cable network is their best platform

“We have years of experience with telenovelas, now we have to grow with the series”, Carmen Armendáriz

The cast and production team, during the presentation of Cásate conmigo…mi amor

In a well-known hotel in Mexico City, the cast of the new Televisa Networks comedy series, Cásate conmigo…mi amor, a Carmen Armendáriz production, met to introduce to the media the first chapter of the broadcasting and TVMAS attended. The series starring Galilea Montijo and Arath de la Torre, premieres next April 25th at 20:00 hrs., on Pay TV channel, Unicable and will be available from Sunday the 28th of April, through Canal de las Estrellas Latinoamerica.

“I am excited to present this project that touches hot topics, for example, fear of commitment. The idea is mine along with writer Martha Carrillo; we draw on the life of actress Galilea Montijo. I think it will have a good reception from the public, because the series are opening the way to Mexico and if we deliver a quality production we open other markets. We have years of experience with telenovelas, now we have to grow with the series”, commented Carmen Armendáriz.

Meanwhile, Ana Lydia Montoya, Managing Director of Programming and Production Televisa Networks, underlined that: “with a vast variety in their innovative contents, Unicable is positioned as one of the favorite Pay TV channels, reaching great levels in audience and we will continue this gap.”

Cásate conmigo…mi amor is a comedy program of 18 chapters, directed by Francisco Franco that revolves around the life of Valeria Mejia, a gorgeous woman, chef by profession with fear of commitment. Ironically, Valeria is an expert in weddings as she has a catering business, with her partner and best friend Alonso. She is convinced that the source of her problems is, the dysfunctional relationship of their parents Marissa and David, and that neither she nor her brother Emilio, have managed to settle down. With the help of her friends Amaya and Bárbara, Valeria will attempt to uncover the origin of their fears, while several suitors roam her heart: Hector, a successful entrepreneur; Sebastian, an adventurous photographer and Marcelo a famous comedian with whom she shares the same therapist.

Producer Carmen Armendáriz and writer Martha Carrillo

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