“I bet for new talent to refresh the screen”, Lucero Suarez

 The producer commenced recordings of the  telenovela De que te quiero, te quiero, where TVMAS was present

Cast and production team began recordings of the telenovela De que te quiero, te quiero

The cast and production team of the new telenovela De que te quiero, te quiero, gathered at one of the locations in Mexico City to give the official start of the Lucero Suarez production.

Lucero Suarez, Producer of the melodrama

“Each project is a challenge and I am convinced to have a good story. In Televisa we bet on different telenovela genres, but I really like the telenovela with shades of comedy, plus  I’m betting on the new blood, young talent graduated from the CEA (Artistic Education Center, Televisa and this enables to refresh the screen”, remarked Lucero Suarez.

The original story of Valentina Parraga, has the free version of 300 half-hour chapters of Lucero Suarez, Carmen Sepulveda, Luis Reynoso and Edwin Valencia. The stage direction is provided by Armando Quiñones and Claudia Aguilar. It has locations in Mexico City and the State of Veracruz. De que te quiero, te quiero stars Livia Brito, Juan Diego Covarrubias, Cynthia Klitbo and Daniela Lujan among others.

De que te quiero, te quiero, begins next July l, at 18:15 hours, on Canal de las Estrellas.

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