“Mexican films increase but need to improve on content and techniques”, Julian Vazquez

The filmmaker started shooting Fausto, his second feature with an investment of 25 million pesos

Cast and the production team during the dinner- announcement of Fausto

In a well-known hotel in Mexico City, was held the start of filming of the movie Fausto, with actors, production crew and guests gathered at a previous dinner, where TVMAS was present.

The host of the night was Julian Vazquez, Director and Producer of the film, who thanked all present for the onset of one more adventure in his cinematic career. Fausto will be is second feature, after his successful opera El Silencio del Roble.

“It is my own script and very guarded that talk about a lot of incidents of life in an interesting story that is entertaining and engaging. We seek to have significant backgrounds and reflective themes; this caused actors and investors to join the project”, remarked Julian Vazquez.

Julian Vazquez, Director and Producer of Fausto, next to the actor Pablo Astiazarán

How hard is it to add investors to cinema productions in Mexico? At which point is the industry?

“There is an issue of money and infrastructure, but for our possibilities we are achieving big things, we have great productions, very accurate and each time top scripts, because of something companies bet increasingly. Mexican cinema has grown strongly; in contents we have always had some complication as our technique quality. What is lacking is a little bit of coordination but we are on track, because of something there are great filmmakers, writers and photographers nominated in festivals from around the world”, the filmmaker ended.

Fausto has an investment of 25 million pesos. 85 % of the shooting will be done in Puebla and 15% in Mexico City. The film is starring Juan Carlos Barreto, Rosa María Bianchi, Odalys Ramírez and Pablo Astiazaran.

The story of Fausto, a successful 64 year old painter, that just at the peak of his career, is destined to live the dramatic suicide of his wife. She was his only family. This event triggers, inexplicably will take Fausto to travel through time. Thus, opening the possibility to change the fate of the woman who accompanied him throughout their life. Through an exciting story, profound and inspiring cinematic adventure will make us rethink our priorities. As well as, incite our thinking to deepen existential and philosophical themes.

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