Young Mexicans are the happiest in the world

The study by VIACOM, shows that Latin America samples higher levels of happiness in the world

Salvador Mata, Reaserch Director for Viacom; Silvia Fong, Director of MTV Programming & Operations; Eduardo Lebrija, VP Senior General Director of VIMN the Americas – Mexico; Singer and Actress Danna Paola, next to Heli Morales

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Mexico presented to the media, advertisers and specialized people, the resultsfor Latin America of the new study by the company, where TVMAS was present. The Next Normal: An Unprecedented Look About World Millennials, is a research featuring a portrait of this highly influential demographic worldwide, which reflects an insight into the values, attitudes, aspirations and perspectives of young people (ages 9-30) from 24 countries, including Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. In total, the research involved 15,000 interviews (1,350 of them surveyed in Latin America), in-depth explorations and contributions / comments from experts.

“With this study, we obtained results that allow us to have an updated and unprecedented knowledge about the generation that is moving the world: the Millennials. This knowledge has as a competitive advantage, to offer brands different options, current and real to reach this audience,” said Eduardo Lebrija, Senior VP CEO VIMN the Americas – Mexico.

Meanwhile, Salvador Mata, Research Director for Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) the Americas, said that “as a brand thatlives and breathes the space of Millennials, our mission is to generate knowledge about the unique aspects that characterize this generation to shape our brands and outline our business” concluded the executive.

The summary of the main conclusions of the study on Latin America overall Viacom, mentioned that Mexico, Argentina and Brazil as theworld’s happiest countries among Millennials, which primarily relates to the strong family relationships, optimism, prosperity and development in the region.

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