Pay TV grows in Spain despite crisis

* 23.4% of Spanish households have pay TV via cable, satellite, internet or other systems, according to the latest report of the ONSI.


 * It has grown from 3.8 million pay TV households in 2011 to 4.1 million in 2012 and has increased spending 100 million in a single year.

* The preferred means to hire is the cable platform, followed by the satellite, but this one involves much more expense.

* The group of pay thematic channels was 5.2% of the total audience last May, the favorites: Fox, Hollywood Channel, AXN and TNT.

Specifically, it increased from 3.8 million pay TV households in 2011 to 4.1 million in 2012.

Furthermore, this study reveals that increased spending on this type of leisure of 100 million Euros in one year: in 2012 the Spanish spent 1.213 million Euros from their pocket to watch paid channels, compared to 1.113 million spent in 2011.

Cable TV, the preferred

By far the preferred means to view pay TV is the cable (1.6 million households in the third quarter of 2012, and continues an upward trajectory), which requires having access to fiber optic cable, an installation with which not all homes can have, especially those further away from urban areas.

Subscribers to ADSL television platforms do not reach the million and have experienced uneven development.  The main platforms in this sense are ONO (engaged in mostly U.S. companies), Movistar TV (formerly known as Imagenio, part of Telefónica) and Orange TV (owned by France Telecom). Euskaltel, Jazzbox and Telecable (Asturias), operate on a lesser scale.

The Spanish are decanted in second place for satellite pay television, which entails the installation of a satellite dish. In this range, 1.2 million households had this type of entertainment in the third quarter of 2012, and have also increased its penetration rate in recent years. Canal + (owned by Prisa TV -56% -, Telefónica -22% – and Mediaset España -22% -), takes almost all satellite television subscribers.

Subscribers to ADSL television platforms do not reach a million (918,000 households) and have experienced uneven development: in the last quarter of 2010 these platforms were present in 930,000 households (more than now), but in 2011 dropped to 768,000.

Notably satellite television generate the most expenses: accounted for 60% of total expenditure on pay TV 2012.

The most watched channel in May was Fox, with an average of 0.3% screen share. If you also compare the audience of a particular channel with the audience share of public broadcasters as TVE and Telecinco or privates as Antena 3, the records are subpar. Thus, according to audience data from last May, the most watched channel was Fox (specializing in series), which recorded an average of 0.3% share in May 2013 – a 4.9% total of all pay channels-. In the May ranking 2013, followed, in order, the Hollywood Channel (movies), AXN (series), TNT (series), Canal + 1 (all), Canal + Liga (football), Paramount Comedy (diverse comedy spaces) and Calle 13 (suspense or terror series).
Also found among the most popular channels Cosmopolitan, Fox Crime, History, The Cooking Channel and SyFy.


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